what are the teachings?
These are the spiritual teachings of Hafed, who led the Magi on their important mission to pay homage to baby Jesus.
The collective teachings are known as A New Set of Values, because they point to a new way of living which puts spiritual values at the heart of everything we do.  Hafed's spiritual truths provide a complete blueprint for our spiritual development, by showing us how to negotiate the human condition.  

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how can i access the files?
The titles of all the New Set of Values Teachings are listed below.
You simply have to click on READ, LISTEN or WATCH to access them.

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You Are Worth More Than Many Sparrows.
Your Goal Is Spiritual Perfection.
Spiritual Questions & Answers No. 1
The Coin of Love
Love Versus Aggression
Spiritual Power
The Cleansing Power of Compassion
Discipline and Freedom
Spiritual Service
Mans' Unjust Laws
Love Thy Neighbour
The Golden Age
The Religious Divide
The Gift of Peace (Hafed's Christmas Message 1991)
Church of Salvation
Spiritual Gifts
Questions & Answers No. 2
Spirit Guardians
Questions & Answers No. 3
Love Is Your Servant
The Road Home
Love's Miraculous Power
God Will Live With Man
Questions & Answers No. 4
The Angels are Still Singing (Hafed’s Christmas Message 1992)
Questions & Answers No. 5
Breaking Spiritual Law
True Freedom
From Little Acorns Might Oaks are Grown
God Has No Religion (Hafed’s Christmas Message 1993)
The Special Powers of Jesus
The Importance of Honesty
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