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Spiritual Development Teaching - Spiritual ServiceIn this spiritual development teaching, from Aquarius, Hafed looks at how we spend our time in non productive ways.  He warns us that an idle mind may create idle thoughts of a destructive nature, that are poisonous not only to the physical body but the spiritual body as well.

He tells us how rewarding the path of spiritual service can be by reaching those people who are looking for answers about this life.

Hafed begins his spiritual development teaching:

Moments tick away and we hardly recognise they have departed from our life.  We know not how we have spent them, either in thought or in action and yet each moment that slips away, amounts to hours and days and yet years.  Much of man’s life is allowed to slip by in this unseemly way, for it is not creative, nor is it loving, it is like a vacuum.

Yet every now and again we suddenly come alive and take action to do something with our lives, whether at work or in play, or coming to the knowledge of God.  But then things seem to slip back into the old pattern of life, where moments go by and nothing worthwhile is produced from that time.

My children, when you come to our side of life and view your earthly life again you will find that much of your life was spent in a non-productive way.  Doing nothing and thinking nothing of a creative nature.  You will discover you have let a good part of your life pass by, which could have been put to a much better and creative use.

It is also said that an idle mind creates idle thoughts and those who do not keep check of their thoughts soon fall into a state of disrepair which allows all sorts of unfavorable thoughts to enter into their minds.  These thoughts are not in any way profitable to the owner, for they can be of a destructive nature, especially if they carry that seed of jealousy or those feelings of hatred.  All of this is the poison that not only affects your physical body, but your spiritual body as well.

The tongue is a small member of your body that speaks great or small things, but it is your mind that gives your tongue the utterance of those words.  Therefore you will see how very important it is to control your thoughts and to build the strength of your thinking power along the lines of love and peace.  Even though at times you may be put to the test by others around you, who do and say things which may cause great annoyance or anger to begin to rise within you.  These are the weaknesses my children that you must overcome, for anything of an ugly nature will surely affect your etheric body and transform it into a state of ugliness.

You have heard the saying ‘As ugly as sin’ and surely this is for all of you to take note of.  For the ugliness of that sin marks the soul of those who commit sins, not only that but it eventually transforms the look on their faces and in their eyes.  It comes through, just as the brightness of God shines through to those who have a saintly look.  Similarly, hatefulness changes the look on your face and in your eyes, for when the light of compassion has gone from your eyes there is nothing left but a blank expression of self, of hate, or jealously and greed.  This is a mixture that can perform terrible hurt to others and to you.

If I can, I want to show you how the body you wear does not in any way represent the soul that you are.  It is true to say that when you make the change call death, you will carry the same likeness of the body as you wear now, but there will be a marked difference.  For those who have tried to live their life in pleasing God will find a beauty that is alight within them: a great softness and gentleness.  The very essence of your soul is shown by the spiritual reflection upon your face.

I know it is silly of me to expect you to comprehend this when you have not seen what I am speaking about.  It is written that you are all in the likeness of God and that is true, but it is not the likeness of the flesh, for the flesh will decay and remain here.  It is in the likeness of the spirit that burns within you, because God is spirit.  You cannot expect spirit, in any shape or form, to be likened to the flesh for that would be a very poor comparison.  It is totally of a different substance in every way and only when you can see this for yourself will you begin to understand.  When your spirit eyes are opened in that world that is yet to come for you, you will then see how all those that you knew and loved here on Earth have a kind of lustre about them that you have never seen before.  It is a shining gentleness filled with compassion and love.

My children, this is how you are growing and each time your thoughts become enlightened by the power of truth, that lustre begins to shine through so changing your face and nature.  You can see the reflection of your soul through your eyes for they have that sympathy, love and sincerity within them.  Your face carries the mark of that spirituality which says I am a child of God, for that is what you are all coming to be, the children of God.  When this begins to happen you see things in a totally different light and I am sure that you who are here have noticed this.  Through your mind and the light that it carries you see and understand things differently.  Your way of life and thinking becomes totally changed.  It is no longer you as the individual, but you as one of the family of God.

Your heart goes out to all those who are less fortunate than yourself.  You would try so hard to put that spiritual virtue within all of your brothers and sisters and yet cannot.  Because at this moment in time they have not yet reached that spiritual point where they can accept with their heart and mind, the truth that you have laboured so earnestly to bring them.  They are still bogged down in the worldly things and look to the pleasures of Earth to satisfy and gratify the needs of their physical body.  You know how wrong it is and the suffering and pain it will bring, not only to them, but also to others who they inflict it on.

Yet you still cannot change the course of their life, for they are not ready to receive what you have.  You must see and know there are many of these souls in your world today, but do not be despondent, for there are many, many souls who are right on the borderline, who are asking many questions in their hearts and minds.  They ask themselves who they are, what they are and is there really a God?  They ask what are they doing here and question whether what they see about them is right?  Can pain be the answer to their life?  Can tears, hunger and disease be the only outcome when they seek for joy and happiness?

They are waiting for people like you who come along with that bread of Heaven and give to them a few morsels from the Lord’s Table, enough to spark their soul with enthusiasm.  They think to themselves “I’ve heard something which is different.  What is it?  What does it mean?  There seems to be something in there which bears the truth, something that I really want to understand”.  It is their beginning to the introduction of truth and to their God.  You say to them “Listen brother, I would like to introduce you to your Heavenly Father”.

It will be their way of recognising that they have perfect union with their God through prayer, by finding stillness in the silence of their mind and saying “Father it is John, it is Doris, it is Maureen.  I have come to ask for your blessing, I have come to ask for your forgiveness.”  Knowing always that as surely as you ask so shall He bless and forgive you.  It is not the blessing of worldly things you understand.  It is not even the blessing that heals your body or someone who you love, but it is the blessing that has a great power within it.  It enters into your heart and mind to set afire a great yearning within you to know of his love, to be protected by his truth and shielded from the frailties of the human body that you still wear.  Imagine that in an instant of time you could give way to one of those frailties and because of it your whole life is desecrated.  “Father, please protect me from myself”.

In a little while, like you, they too become conscious of wanting to do something to repay him and be of service.  Yet at this stage they are still blind because their spiritual eyes are yet to open.  Yes, they have a deep yearning within them, they want to be another disciple, go out and proclaim his name in the streets.  Their love and compassion for their fellow man grows in the same proportion as their love for their God and they cannot hold it back.  Yet they cannot find the words to use, for all of this is tied up within them, because their tongue cannot give utterance to a feeling that has not been processed by the mind into words.  Yet like you, little by little, they become ever more conscious of those from the realms of light, those who are the Father’s ambassadors of love.  He sends them forth saying “Seek out my little ones and teach them of me, fill them with comfort with the food from Heaven that they need.  Tell them that if they earnestly desire to give service to their brother then those spiritual gifts shall be theirs”.

So it is that as we sit here now, there is a great noise within Heaven all about us.  There is a great noise from those who come from the realms of light, to tend to the little ones of God.  To fill them up with good thoughts, with the good meaning of life, with the positive hope of life and you are feeling it now.  It is passing through you now, you are experiencing the beginning of that touch of God and it is awakening your soul to who you are.  It says “Fear not for there is nothing to fear, even if death should come to you, for life is an endless journey and back home you will come”.   He who keeps watch on the city gates shall cry out “Lord, Master, him whom you have sent about your business stands at the city gates”.  Remember those words and he will send to you his servants to dress you in the right apparel, those spiritual garbs that you have earned for yourself as a right.  Among them will be those who have ministered to you while you have sat here preparing to take on the tools of the spirit so you might give greater service to all about you.  They come to minister their love to you and all of those who you have helped by giving them morsels of holy bread from the Lord’s Table.  They are there too, giving you their love that your wealth might know no end.

When you look through those eyes of the spirit with this more perfect understanding and awareness of God, you will see and know so much more.  You will no longer ask how God prophecises events which are yet to come, for you will know.  With your mind crystal clear and perfected into that spiritual child, you will see most clearly the events yet to come.

Yet you are here now preparing for the journey to come and I do not speak of the journey that will take you into the higher life when you pass from here, but I speak to you of that road of service when you leave here.  When you are no longer with me, no longer with your brothers and sisters who sit about you, but you are on your own and go forward on that path of service to show you were made of the right metal.  On that journey you shall meet many others who will come to you and ask for your help, for your healing, for your prayers.  They will believe and it will be so, that God hears you more than them.  Your eyes will be open to give that message of comfort and truth from their loved ones and friends, to spur them on.

But you will find obstacles in your way, for no path of service is easy, especially when you go forth alone.  There is always that little bit of doubt within you, always that feeling that maybe no one will come to stand up and give that truth, as it has been given to you.  Maybe when you go to someone who is in need and they say to you, if not in words but in feelings, “Help me, help me”, maybe you will not know how to help.  Yet these things are always there to challenge you, for if the challenge was not there, then what good would it all be.  Always on every occasion you must prove yourself to your God, that in spite of your own doubts and fears you go forth and present yourself; always knowing that the work is done in and through you, but never by you.

If your faith and your courage is such, you will never be left alone. You will never be let down, for those who love you, who come to walk in your life with you, will always be there.  But as many times as this happens, it will never clear away the doubts and fears before you take a service or you give healing.  Wherever you carry out God’s work, those doubts will always be there, for it is the challenge to overcome, to see whether you have the courage and the faith to stand up for your God.

In a little while you will all be experiencing the various ways in which your teachers and helpers will use you.  Some of you will experience control, others will experience inspiration, clairvoyance or healing.  You will experience them all in due course.  Some will go faster in one thing than another, but it is all part of the flowering of your spirit and the opening of your mind.  If you seem to be a little backward, a little slow, do not worry, do not become anxious and do not think you are unworthy or anything of this nature.  It is designed as the pathway for you, until you are ready to make the change from the un-seer to the seer and from listener to the doer.  All this will be for you in due course.

Now I will leave you.  Farewell, farewell.

Hafed’s spiritual development teaching ends.


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