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Spiritual Development Teaching - Spiritual PowerIn this spiritual development teaching  from Aquarius, Hafed links mans’ inhumanity to man, with nature rebelling through earthquakes, tidal waves and volcanic eruptions.

This is because the spiritual power which nourishes the world and keeps the harmony between the spiritual and material realms is being broken down.

Hafed starts his spiritual development teaching:

You seem to be having difficulty in solving the meaning of the reading (The Psalm of David).  On the face of it, it doesn’t seem to imply too much and yet underneath it surely reveals a great deal.  For while David lived many thousands of years ago, things have not changed much in your day and time.  Oh, you seem to be richer and have a better standard of living, though it is arguable whether you have a better quality of life.  For while your material way of life seems to improve, the quality of life does not always appear so.  People are so often carried away by the illusion of all this, that they become blind to the misery of others, especially when the emphasis of evil falls on little children.

There is so much to be said, that it is like a giant web, which is being weaved and no man can see the pattern.  It is like a mysterious puzzle that you are asked to put together without knowing what the picture will be.  For you are not free from being deluded or being carried away by false promises.  People whose lives are built on deceit and lies for their own gain, will inevitably turn away from God and shout that He is false.  God is an embarrassment to their way of life, therefore to hide the truth they must inevitably deny the existence of God.  For how could they live in sin, if they did not?

What good would the power of their deceitful illusion be, if they had to face up to being a sinner, a lover of sin, with a mind cultivated in the filth of this world?  They feel no pangs of anger, no pangs of forgiveness or love when they see the evils that befall young children because of corrupt governments.  Surely the righteous man would speak out and be aflame with anger if he could see that this is working against God, as it truly is.

It has become very evident in the last two years of the poverty and misery of many nations, who have fallen from grace.  It has become very clear for all to see the disease that has spread through the world because of mans’ own lust and greed.  What kind of a foundation is this to build upon?  What kind of a world will this ensure for the future?  Shall it not be one without law and order, that is to say, law and order according to the will of God?  Surely it must be so, for there can be no light and no love in that world.

Is all of this then, this picture I have painted for you, not mans’ inhumanity to man?  Can you not see what is grown out of mans’ anger, evil and violence?  Can you not see the power of destruction that lies in mans’ inhumanity to man, which darkens the minds of the people?  It cannot in any way bring the joy and contentment which man is looking for.

My children, the pressure that comes to mankind over the next few years will strike even at you and it will be difficult to contain within your heart that love of Christ.  Indeed it will be difficult for those who dwell in the higher realms to draw near to you, for the murkiness of the world will make it almost impossible.

You have seen the beginning of earthquakes, tidal waves and volcanic eruptions.  All of which are caused because the nature of man is violent and has to this end created that same violence in nature.  So the world itself reflects the evils perpetrated by man, not only in its violence towards the innocents, but also in Mother Nature, which he relies on for his existence on Earth.

He has begun to tear down the fabric of that spiritual power which nourishes the world and keeps the harmony between the spiritual and material realms and fills the Earth with the power and glory of God.  What glory is to be seen in trees that no longer exist or are dying and land that is barren?  The very nature of the world is changing from the brightness that God intended it be, to the darkness created by man, because man cannot see the beauty of God.  He only sees what he wants and that is evil.

These things of which I speak are only just beginning, for there is more to come.  There will be more to be inflicted upon mankind because of his nature, which has caused the very Earth itself to rebel. In the years running up to the year 2000, there will be much upheaval.

The love and true words that you can provide will save some and help others.  Many will scoff at you, but many will listen and if they have within them the courage to carry it forward and walk with the truth in spite of all things, they will find the brightness and the joy of life.  For the world is indeed changing and all these things must happen first, if that time of which we have spoken in the past, regarding the Golden Age, is to come.

At this stage I think I will leave it, but I want you to see the link between mans’ inhumanity to man and the misery it has inflicted upon the Earth and how this has in turn created a different environment for the world at large, where nature is rebelling against the evils of man.

God bless you.

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