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Spiritual Development Teaching - Spiritual JourneyIn this spiritual development teaching, Hafed speaks about:

The Duty of Parents.
God’s Duty Towards Us.
How to Measure Faith.
The Importance of Using Our Free Will Intelligently.
Becoming the Sons and Daughters of God through Spiritual Perfection.

Hafed begins his spiritual development teaching:

God bless you my children, you have a very glorious day today do you not?  Another miracle of God, another way of saying to his children that he loves them and this is the way their lives should be.  Not in torment, not with fear, not with hatred and violence, but a great calm and beauty in the warmth of the sun so that your souls may be nourished in the Godly things of life.

Before we begin my children, I wish for you to sit quietly and think about those who are in such terrible torment.  Those many thousands of Kurds who have nothing and even that which they have – their very lives, are being taken from them.  No one should live in such terror; no one should be put to such anguish and utter desolation.  I want you to go into the silence and ask your God to help them.  Thank you my children.

Question from Hafed:

What would you say is the duty of the parents towards their children?

Answer from Aquarius group member:

To guide them with love.


Yes quite so.

Answer from Aquarius group member:

To care for them.


Yes, anything else?

Answer from Aquarius group member:

To give them enough freedom to make their own mistakes and yet still be there for them when they need guidance.



Answer from Aquarius group member:

To impress on them the need to share, and to care for other people.

Answer from Aquarius group member:

To be a good example.

Answer from Aquarius group member:

To discipline them.


Yes, to discipline.

You would say then that the duty of parents is to instill within them all those qualities you know to be right.  The duty of parents is to protect and provide for their children, is it not?

Answer from Aquarius group member:

Yes until they reach a certain age and then they have to stand on their own two feet.


Would you consider then, that you are of an age where you no longer need the guidance and protection of your Father (God)?

Answer from Aquarius group member:

Oh no, you always need it, but you’ve got to learn to live without it at times.  You always need protection, love and understanding no matter how old we are.


Whatever is your duty towards your children, has to be the duty of God towards you.  For it is the same law that He, like you, protects and provides for His children.

You know that as children grow older they become wayward and will not take advice from their parents and will not see the logic in their advice.  When they act like this their parents often turn away from them, for they cannot help those who do not believe they need help.  You can only help those who ask for help and if you look in your world you can see exactly what I mean, in as much as there are those who walk and live in the streets even though they have homes to go to.  It may be their parents have cast them aside and will have nothing more to do with them, in which case they have failed in their duty towards their own.  It may well be the children have turned away from their parents and become violent and filled with a need for the ‘bright lights’ of life: drugs, gambling and a variety of other things that guide their feet down hill into the pit of misery at the end of their road.

The parent can no more do anything about this than God can do about those of his sons and daughters who turn away and will not heed His advice, even though it has always been good advice which always held them and led them to happiness.  The joy of living is in the seed of wisdom that God will give.  He upholds his duty towards those of His children who will heed His words and listen and look for His ways.

If you look at this and see it as being a spiritual law, then you will see why it is also written, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven”, for that is the throne of your God.  To allow His will to be done in and through you, and that will is the will of love which when placed in your life becomes the crown jewel and can motivate you to the very heights of spiritual understanding.

We speak about faith and fear, we speak about love, but we have no way of measuring any of those things to see to what depth they go within you.  It may be that fear, faith and love is in all of you, but to what degree?  Whatever degree of love is in you the rest is made up of faith and fear.  For man always fears the unknown.  If we say the dutiful parent must fulfill their obligations by giving protection, love and guidance, then the same applies to God.  This is a God who is unseen by you, this is a God who is hearsay.  This is not a God who comes like a father comes to his children and speaks openly with them.  It is a God whereby faith communicates between you and Him.  It is a God who instills within the spiritual mind the law and will of love.

He speaks without words; he speaks by feeling and caring.  He gives you a sense of knowing and an acute awareness of what is right.  Then if God will protect and provide for you, as is His duty, the one thing that stands in the way of this happening is your faith in your God and the fear within you that questions “Will He be my protector and provider”?  It is in crossing this great divide where you place yourself totally in the hands of God that remains the secret you will never know until you cast away your fear.  God demands from his children that they might know him fully and to believe in his existence, but how can you do that unless you place your life within his hands?  Are you willing to do that?  It will be determined by the degree of fear and the lack of faith within you.

For being a parent is a two way thing, in as much as God is saying, “Here I am, I am your protector and provider”, and you are the other way saying, “Should I really trust and believe?  What if He doesn’t do these things”?  We cannot grow in faith until we place it in a position where it will be tested, then we will know the strength of faith we have.  It is all very well and good saying “I have faith in God” but this alone is nothing.  For you have heard the Lord himself say, “If you had faith such as a mustard seed, you could say to the mountain henceforth be cast into the sea and it would obey you”.  Since you have not cast any mountains into the sea, you must consider how small a thing your faith is.

Faith cannot just be a feeling and it cannot exist in a void.  It cannot be a substance, unless it is harnessed with intelligence and love.  Then it will give to you the inner strength of knowing that nothing can harm you and you are capable of overcoming and doing all things.  It will give to you the full measure of saying “Yes, Father, you are there and I believe you will do all these things for me and I will indeed trust my very life to you, for is it not you from whence it came?  If it is love you are teaching me, why then would you leave me to be destroyed?”  For isn’t love the agreement and the fulfillment of the Law that says, “We care for each other and we owe this duty”.  As a father has a duty towards his children, so then a sister has towards her brother, a brother to his sister, children to their mother and father and so on within the family.  You also have an equal duty to your neighbour and to the unknown soul who is in difficulty, wherever he may be, for you are your brothers’ keeper.  This is what spiritual law means, but it must be firmly placed within your mind for you to be able to see, understand and then to live by it, for unless you can it means nothing.  All your hopes and dreams, all your faith is without measure and is worthless as dust unless you live by it.  It only makes the difference if you put it into action in your life.  Only then will you be able to move things around you and move the lives of others.  To move your life into that inner circle where you may manipulate the power and the gifts of spirit, which God has given to all his children.  But, you see it can only be done by action, it has to be instilled within you and be a part of you.  You must see it, know it and live it.

Earlier our sister was speaking about the various bodies we have.  The physical body, which you wear here and now and the soul body you will pass into when you make the change called death.  The soul body being the body of the spirit that in due course will give way to the spirit.  The physical body, the soul body, the spirit body are all governed by spiritual law; so truly you are spirit here and now and you have free will to choose whichever way you wish to go, for the choice must always be there for you.  Freewill must be harnessed with intelligence and motivated by knowledge, wisdom and understanding to guide you to that favourable place where all your dreams will be fulfilled and your happiness complete.  The same intelligence must harness your faith, for you must use it for the betterment of all.  You have used your freewill to bring you here, for you had a choice and you saw this as being the best choice because your intelligence, common sense and understanding weighed up all the options and discarded the selfish, materialistic way, which could have destroyed all that you had.

You are now beginning to dress your personality with the cloth of spiritual worth, through the garment of humility and other yarns of goodness that will help you to open your spiritual eyes and carry you forward.  If we wish to reach that point in time where we become the sons and daughters of God, when we reach that spiritual age of consent and we are the princes and princesses of the realm, then it is by our striving and by our motivation of knowing what is right and what is wrong.  You must not allow your fears to hold you back, for indecision is against your God and against you.  It prevents you from taking hold of the staff of faith and saying “Father, here I am help me.”  You must rid yourselves of this darkness, fear that comes and prevents you doing what you wish to do, therefore it takes away your freewill, your choice.  It was never God’s intention that the gift of freewill should be surrendered in this way.  If you were not going to have the strength to take full advantage of what he has given, then it would have been just as well that he had never given it to you at all, but then what would you have been?  You would have been subject to the will and to the obsessions of all other things and never a master of your own mind.

I cannot in any way make you different from what you are.  I can give you wise words that you may agree with and hopefully direct you into the paths of spirit, but you must act; no one else can do that for you.  You must act.  You must say to this fear that rises up and prevents you from taking hold of the gifts God has given you “Be silent, you are not my companion and I shall not walk through life with you!”

You must say to the spirit of caution “Leave me forever, I do not wish you to be my companion any longer, for I walk with God.  I answer to His call and I act according to the wisdom He has instilled within me.  I act in accordance with that spiritual awareness that comes to me and tells what is right and what is wrong.”  Only in this way will you grow and begin to multiply in your spiritual knowledge.  When all these things are embedded within you and they are not just words you have heard and too easily forgotten, but rather have come alive within you, have made themselves part of you, then will you begin to feel that force of life which links you to the great God.  You’ll understand more about His will and how to perform that will, so that it may be perfected in man and in this world.

Jesus, who spoke to you about the mustard seed, also said that those who come in later times would “Do all these things and more because I go to my Father.”  Remember this my children and know the things he spoke of were the miracles he performed, you have the opportunity of fulfilling all that he has said.  I doubt whether the things that I am telling you now have been said in exactly the same way until this present time, for the sole purpose is to create within you the complete awareness of who you are and what you are to do with your life.

Remember how I said to you in the past that it is essential for you to be free.  At this moment in time you are held bound by the things of Earth and by ignorance.  You are wearing the chains of fear and don’t know how to break free, how to use the great spiritual energies within you, but it will not always be so for all things will pass.  Change is inevitable, just as yesterday may not seem much different from today, I tell you in years to come you will look back and not be able to find this day.  However, you only have this day to work in, to change, reconstruct and find anew all the treasures of spirit within you.  You have only got this day to come to the true spiritual values.  You cannot use yesterday, for it is gone and you cannot use tomorrow, for it is yet to come.  So always it is this day you have to use and whatever you can accomplish in this day you must work towards.

You must grow in confidence of your own ability, to be able to create the things that are good.  You must grow in awareness that the power of God is within your confidence, if you are working within His law.  Nothing can tear down the law or cause it to falter, even though you might fail in establishing that level of perfection where the will of God is within it.  This must be the goal you aim for and it must be this day.  You must strive each day, for while I say you may have many other days to come, they are not this day and if you rely on “tomorrow will do”, you have wasted this day.  You can never recapture, take back or accomplish the things you could have done this day for it is gone forever and you will always be behind.

Your goal is your spiritual perfection. You must perfect yourself in love, in faith, in harmony with the universe and with your God.  You must bring yourself to the fullness of spiritual knowledge and all that means in terms of the power to be in and through you.  Then it is only right you should take up your rightful place, but you cannot do so unless you accomplish these things and become that person.  This is what is meant by coming to the spiritual age of consent and these are the things that you must learn.  Just as you learn in school in order to reach the age of consent according to how man defines this term.  So now you are aiming for spiritual consent and those things we have told you must be learnt, established and used each day to achieve your goal.  Think always that you are a child of God and He has awoken in you that special decree of love to make you part of Him.

You have this unique opportunity of knowing your Heavenly Father and knowing you only have to call and His will to be done with you.  Whatever that will is, you will accept it even if it isn’t what you want, for the pains and anguish of life are very often there to make you grow strong and to give to you the power to fight.  One day you will reach the point where you will progress from the child of God to the sons and daughters of God.  His spiritual law will be working in and through you and in that same way, because it does and you understand it, you will be able to manipulate the very environment in which you live and create from it other things.  Just as Jesus did when he fed the five thousand, walked upon the water and told the storm to cease.  All these things are the mark of the Son of God.

So my children, you can see what lies before you and the task that is there.  Are you going to become your own master whereby you might take that virgin clay of life and mould it into that life which you wish to have, according to the design and will of God?  When He gave you freewill that became your right.  Or shall you, like so many, allow the clay to be shaped according to events that happen to you caused by fears, doubts and by the struggle to exist?

To him who will overcome, to him who will learn, to him who will grasp the full potential of faith – nothing can harm.  Neither can fear be the thief that breaks in and steals your treasure because you will be greater than them all.  When you are hungry, your Father will provide.  When you are in danger, your Father will protect you.  When you feel alone, he will comfort you with his love.  If you do not like the life you have then change it for you have the will.  Sit and think about what you will do and what you want to be and how you are to accomplish it.  Enlist the aid of your God, so you may do just that.

Do not have fear and say, “Oh, if I do this, this might happen or that may happen”.  You might just as well hide yourself in a deep dark cellar and stay there in case your enemies should see you.

In the spiritual realm to which you are one day to come, the fullness of your life will be realised.  It is little use that I should try to paint the canvas of that life with the beautiful picture that is waiting for you all.  It is impossible for whatever I might say, whatever colour I might use to portray the picture, whatever wonderful brush strokes I might use, it would just be a very pale reflection of the actual truth.  It is like picking a daisy and saying, “Look a rose is something like that.”

So my children you cannot bind yourself to the will of others in order that they may do your will or be held back.  You can by choice bind your will to the will of the Lord so you might travel with Him.  How sweet a thing it would be but how hard a thing that may be!  Forget not the pain involved in all these things, for I tell you it is there, sharp and clear.  You will know from your testing time, exactly what I mean.

So, I will bid you farewell my children until the next time that we meet.  Do not slumber and fall back into old ways, but awake and arise and be filled with the magic of God.

Food for thought:

If God has a master plan for the salvation of mankind and we are his workers, what will happen if we are not in our places to lay the stone?


The foundation will not be laid.

Hafed’s spiritual development teaching ends.

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