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Spiritual Development Teaching - Spiritual GiftsIn this Aquarius spiritual development teaching, Hafed stresses the importance of capturing the spiritual gifts of forgiveness, love, humility, understanding, tolerance and honesty, which provide your protection and spiritual development in this world.

When these spiritual gifts are truly and totally alive within us we have the potential to become the Sons and Daughters of God.

This is the kind of power Jesus spoke of when He said “If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you could tell the mountain henceforth be cast into the sea and it would obey you”.

Hafed commences his spiritual development address:

Good afternoon and God bless you, my children.  Peace be with each and every one of you.

It has become a great joy to me on these occasions when my children are gathered together in the sanctuary of God.  I cannot always say that I have such pleasing thoughts wherever I go, for there are some places where it does not please me at all, but this is one of the better tasks given to me to perform.  Always I long for you to hear my words, not just to know what they mean, but to fully understand that in them somewhere is the very seed of life that you seek.

The answers to all your questions are there, locked away in all those many teachings that I have given to you in the past.  In each word there is an almost magic power for it offers you guidance.  Not guidance in the form of clairvoyance, that foretells events to come, but a different kind of guidance that tells you how to control the events to come.  Perhaps you haven’t given this much thought.  Perhaps you see those events in front of you as being beyond your control, something that is going to happen, regardless of what you will do.  But if that were so, then your free will would count for nothing.  No, what we try to do is to control the events for you because we know you cannot control them yourself at this time in life.  Meaning to say that our work on your behalf is to build a road leading you to the events of the future which will be pleasing for you and satisfying, not always in an earthly way, but certainly in a spiritual way.

But you know my children that there comes a time when you cannot go any further unless you take the materials there in those words and begin to build your future for yourself and control the events that are there for you.  You may say to me “But my life is bound up in so many different ways with the events of governments, the powers that be and unreliable people; how then can I plan events?”  To this end you can, by using the power we have given you in the words of the teachings.  But it takes a great deal for you to read them and become fully mindful of what lies within and behind every word.  To put them into practice, so the power of those words becomes established in you.  Using an example from the material world, if you desire to go swimming, you go to the seaside or use a swimming pool.  You would not go to a supermarket, nor would you go to the woods, for you know that neither of those places can fulfill your desire to swim.  So in this sense you are aware of where you must go to accomplish your own personal desires, using the common sense instilled in you over the course of years.

Yet there is another insight which is of a spiritual nature, for if you sit and think about what you want out of life the answer in a broad sense is happiness and love.  To accomplish this you do not go about making enemies with your neighbours, taking drugs or acting violently to strangers on the street.  Nor would you go about holding up banks or knocking down old ladies to steal their pensions.  You must realise that none of these things can bring to you the happiness and love you need in your lives, for it is like trying to swim in a field or supermarket.  If you want peace, happiness and love you must see to it that your approach to other people is with the same attitude of mind as you would wish them to treat you.  You must not be full of hypocritical words by believing one thing and doing another.  You must not allow yourself to be bitter and full of swear words because somebody has upset you, for as soon as you do that you depart from the pathway you say you want to follow.

Over the course of these past months we have placed a great emphasis upon those spiritual virtues that we want to see grow up within you.  If you recall the very first time we met I said to you that the first step towards God is honesty, which is one of the virtues.  You must realise that if you strive to be honest a change is going to take place within your body, your mind and within your heart, and hence you life.  For these three things govern your life and your vision of what you want in that life.  Honesty, it is not an empty word; it is not a sound that fills the air and then is gone.  It is a living force because it is spiritual force; it is a virtue of the soul, a virtue of Jesus Christ.  It is of the same seed that has within it a creative energy.

Think then about honesty and what it really means in your life.  To become honest you have to apply it in all your dealings with your friends and neighbours; you have to be honest with them.  It means you must tell the truth, for honesty is a guardian of the truth.  Therefore we begin to see that we are now embracing two virtues in one: honesty and truth.  The creative energy within them is building in you an insight that you never had before.  For it shows that you can begin to build your life as you want it and you can begin to control the events around you.

People are very often drawn into the wrong way of thinking and living, because they lack control and follow the wrong ideas of others who are stronger than them.  God has sent you here as His ministers, to lead them, not the other way around.  You should guide them, therefore, he has given you this new insight of being able to see and create for yourself a pathway which is leading you into the light.  Suddenly we realise that honesty begets truth, and truth begets light because it is the truth that will set you free.

So now, we have found freedom, we have found light, we have found truth and we have found honesty because we have taken that one step nearer to God.  Isn’t that amazing?  All those other gifts that God has to offer us have come with that honesty.  But it is not something that you must hold and think of as a word.  You must try to see how that power within is creative and how you can manipulate it so it may be creative for you.

I wonder how many of you are able to plan how your lives are going to be tomorrow, let alone in six months time, a year’s time or ten years time.  For the kind of life that we are talking about is outside of the realm of materialism.  It is in the realm of spiritual truth, light and honesty.  When you walk in that light and realm the earthly things cannot touch you because you are protecting yourself with the power of God, it has become your shield.  How can you deal with a person honestly, unless you have love and can see that to act in any other way would be harmful to your friend, or neighbour, or even a stranger?

So love must invariably enter into it all, for if you did not love God, how could you take the first step?  It is simply that love is there, but not to the forefront at that time.  For love itself is the virtue that brings the power of creation to all the other virtues; it lightens them for you to use as your tools.  It is a fascinating way of manipulating the gifts of God.

If you want to accomplish things with other people, you must not approach them in a bullying way with threats of violence and say “You will do this”, as is so often seen in the world in which you live.  For none of this is part of the holy spirit of God which is being fashioned in you through all those virtues coming your way.  You do it with love, with gentleness, with understanding and with honesty.  You win the minds of people with those virtues and let them see something of the holy spirit at work within you.  Their soul gives recognition to this and sees something there that they should know and yet don’t quite understand.

So then, you are beginning to enlarge the circle of your life, where the ability of control is concerned, because you know how to approach people.  You know how to think, you know how to be just and not seek for things through using those gifts deceitfully, but always with honesty and with the noble gesture that is in Christ.

You will find an inner vision comes from it all, which lets you see where the dangers are along the road, because you are in harmony with the laws of God and not with the laws of man that think selfishly and destructively.  When your thoughts are in accordance with the law of God and you are able to see where those problems lie.

If a problem is beyond your capability then you must lend your thoughts to God.  If God does not choose to release you from it, there and then, you must be patient and wait until He is ready, until you are ready.  For maybe there is a lesson there for you to learn.  It is good for you to be told of all these attributes, these spiritual qualities, but do you have the ability within you to hold that spiritual value and be as good as you say you are.  That is the difference you see.  You might know what you must be, but if the ability to use it is not within you, it is because you lack that spiritual progression.  This progression can only be brought forth by the trails and tribulations that are set before you.

Last week it was asked whether or not you prayed for other members of the circle by name.  It was to your credit that you demonstrated honesty by saying “I can’t remember” or “I haven’t done this.”  That is a weakness my children for praying to God brings you ever closer to the great spirit of all creation, bringing alive within you the child-like soul that you are.  None of you knows what is going on in the lives of others, therefore, you must be vigilant and demonstrate your love for them, by praying for them:  “Father, I ask for your guidance and love for Terry, or for Mick, or for Ann”, whoever it might be that you are praying for, but bring them to God by name in your mind.  This brings out your love for them and your sincerity.  God loves a soul who is humble for nobody can serve God without humility and you bring that to them in your love for God, your heavenly Father.

Use your mind for the projection of his love, use your mind to become wise in your choice of words and in your actions towards others.  Fill your mind with the light that gives you protection from the ignorance and frailties of the human form, which very often creep up and overthrow you.

Be strong in the virtues that God has set before you, he does not expect you to win them immediately or to be able to practice them immediately.  He does expect you to be mindful of them each day and strive to the best of your ability to bring their creative energies alive within your life.  This will allow you to control your thinking and emotional thoughts, so it may bring happiness to you and others.

In this way you will stay within the light and be able to foresee what is coming, for you will be creating those spiritual conditions that draw like-minded forces to you.  Darkness begets darkness as evil begets evil, hatred begets hatred and violence begets violence.  If you know all these things and have no desire to follow them, then you are truly blessed.

There is always the struggle going on between good and evil.  There is a great battle taking place right now, which has been going on for a long time.  But I don’t want you to focus your mind on such things; I want you to focus your mind on the brighter side of life.  I want you to fill your mind with the light that brings peace and happiness and frees you from worry and fear that can be there in your minds because you think of evil too much.  When you do this, you give pride of place to it in your life and that is not what we want.  Such things are of a destructive nature, which bring and breed fear within you.  This is not the purpose of all those spiritual attributes you are striving to achieve; those very things are for your protection against evil.  Let God deal with evil and you deal solely with the justice and laws of God and the love He gives you to share with others.  So they might also stand in the light because you have brought them out of the darkness, into the truth.

So do not abide in those things that are for God to deal with.  You are not strong enough to overcome these things.  However, you can become strong through capturing for yourselves those spiritual virtues of forgiveness, love, humility, understanding, tolerance and honesty. All these things will bring to you an abundance of joy and peace.  Nothing outside of that will give to you happiness, joy or peace because it is all an illusion.

I hope you will think of my words most carefully and see how you may put them to work in your life.  Think about them in all the conditions of your life and in all your dealings with your neighbours and friends.  When you see someone that you feel is not going the right way, it is not for you to condemn them.  It is not for you to send words of bitterness and spite after them, for it is not your life.  Worry about your own life and how you are living that.  You cannot save them, you can only help them by sending your love and prayers after them, but nothing else.

Now my children the hour grows near for you to learn to sow the seeds we have given you in the garden of your mind, that you may grow rich in the food of God, in the bread of heaven.  The time grows near when that love, from him to you, must penetrate every fibre of your being, for it is only that which will enhance your spiritual light and make you a servant of God.

Do not be fooled by the light of the world and all its promises of riches and fulfilment of dreams.  For I tell you it is a fool’s illusion, which can only bring a great many tears, heartaches and a fear beyond your understanding at this moment in time.  Such then is the direction that most men in your world are following and henceforth, you will see what I mean.  Many of the Devil’s servants walk among men and strive to lead others astray, but do not be fearful of them.  Do not worry about their doings or works, but see to it that your mind is focused only on the laws of God and on the love of God, so that you may walk in His light and manipulate the power that is to be found in those spiritual virtues.  Who is to say that you might not gain them all and manipulate them all?  You can with the fulfillment of what Christ said “If you had faith so much as a mustard seed, you could tell the mountain henceforth be cast into the sea and it would obey you.”  For this is the kind of power we speak of and what it will transform you into.  You see, they are the sons and daughters of God, but there is even more to this.  This is only the beginning, certainly nowhere near the end.

So I will bid you good afternoon, one and all.  I pray that my words have found a resting place within you and that my works will not be brought to nothing because you have failed to listen.  Rather I hope you may see and understand how priceless these gifts are.

Good afternoon and God bless you all.

The spiritual development teaching ends.


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