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Spiritual Development Teaching - Spirit Guides & TeachersIn this spiritual development teaching Hafed talks about our spirit guides and teachers who protect and work with us.  He tells us that they do their best to protect us from evil by standing in the way when it threatens.  They love us more than we know.

He reminds us that we asked to come on this mission before we were born and we must not lose sight of our goals.

Hafed commences commences his spiritual development teaching:

Good afternoon and God bless each one of you.  Peace be with you.

It is very often impossible to paint with words on the canvas of your minds, the picture of truth, so you may understand.  According to your own spiritual development and light, you will draw your own conclusions.  Always, there is a difference in those conclusions.  You have no conception of what actually takes place on our side of life before you come together in your Circle.

Those who come to your Circle have been appointed to do so by the Lord most high and you could not in any way envisage in your hearts or minds, their overwhelming feeling of joy.  To know that this is the day they are to return and become an active member of the servants of God by attending to the needs of one who has been placed in their loving care.  Neither can you see their struggle to free you from your ignorance and your wrong desires, in order to set you on a true course where the light of God will be in you also.  Where, because you have been lifted out of the darkness, you stand face to face with them and are able to be used by your guardian or teacher.  They know something of the work that lies ahead and also know that this work can be so easily destroyed, because everything depends upon the one whom they have been given charge over.  If that charge turns his face down the road to where he used to be, or to where his desires and ambitions lie, it can all so suddenly be turned into sadness for them.

So my children, you can imagine something of the excitement that is with us as we journey back here to you.  There is a great feeling of joy that springs between us all, as a happy band of pilgrims come back to those they love and wish so much to raise up from the darkness and despair of their lives, into the brightness and joy of God’s loving care.  We become like children at Christmas when it is time to unwrap the gifts and you, who are parents, will know well this kind of feeling.  You have experienced it yourself from both sides, as a parent who has seen the joy on your children’s faces and also as a child yourself.  It is the same for us, this happy band of pilgrims that travel back.

You can have no conception of how much work has to done in order to make this afternoon possible.  You think all you have to do is present yourselves and everything will be all right, but it is not so.  Work must be done with you on the morning of the Circle and in this sanctuary where you receive the wisdom or healing of God.  Or it might be your turn to be used as an instrument of truth, to give some member of your Circle a comforting thought.  Just like my son, who brought along his reading and told us about love and how important that word really is.   So we come in love and very often you have said as you enter this sanctuary door, “Isn’t it so very peaceful in here?  Isn’t it so uplifting?”  I have seen you after the Circle, where you do not want to hurry away.  You know that the afternoon is gone and the Circle has closed; yet you linger on because you are in a separate world from your everyday life.  The worry isn’t there, nor is the anxiety that often fills my little children’s minds.  I know, because I am often with you, just as those who minister to you before you come to the Circle are there to prepare you.  To sustain you in all the things you must do before you attend this circle, so you may prepare and present yourself to your Lord and Master as innocent children waiting to be taught, waiting to be bathed in his love.

You can imagine then, something of all the work that goes on from our side of life, in order to present you with this wondrous opportunity.  We must ensure that while you are here no harm can befall you.  No evil can enter, no darkness, no sinful men or women may get at you.  We must ensure that holy power and wondrous love are your protection  and the greater your ability to love, so the greater the pain of that love, when one of you is hurt in any way.  You cannot even begin to understand that pain and disappointment.  If you inflict that pain through the way you live your lives, or because in your flippancy you decide your pleasures come first and you cannot attend the Circle, then the hurt is even greater.  We are the ones you are inflicting that pain upon.  We who love you more than you know.  We who care for you more than you know.  We who suffer far greater, in order to protect you against the evils of your time.  We stand and block the evils that would come.  We receive the blow, not you.

So the promise you came with in those early days of your newfound spiritual youth begins to fade and our hearts grow even heavier.  We wish for you to know this.  When there are those who are absent in your Circle, you cannot see the disappointment worn on the faces of those who love them and who come to tend to them.  Especially if the absence is unnecessary, for it is almost like a disgrace that they have been unable to bring their child to the altar of God, on this afternoon.

I am telling you all this because I want you to be conscious of the dedication that lies behind your Circle and those who minister to you.  I want you to be concerned about it too, because when the absenteeism grows in your Circle, we cannot protect you like we should and we too grow weary and worry as to how this might be accomplished.  It is not as easy as you think, for you only know what you see about you.  You do not know what lies behind you.  You must realise the importance of the work we are striving to bring you to do.  You must realise for your own safety’s sake.  None of you here could say to me the Circle this afternoon is as it should be.  You miss those who are not here and you know it is not the same.

If you are to become the servant of God, it must be with the same dedication as those who minister to you.  They have only the best to give and therefore you must be prepared to give your best in return.  I tell you that there is nothing more important in your life than to be here on Saturday afternoon.  Nothing.  You cannot see this and I do not expect you to.  You will not see it until you have made the change called death, then standing with us and looking back, you will see.  If it ever becomes your task to become a guardian to a soul on Earth and have that soul entrusted to you to bring them to the flower of their spiritual youth, so that they may serve the Master, then you will understand.  You will know what I mean.

Today’s reading from the scriptures gave a very clear indication of what you are working towards.  You must walk in the light of God, for the love of God is your protector and guardian, as you walk through life.  The gifts of the spirit are given only to those who are the servants of God.  Is this not what it says?  The carnal man cannot receive those gifts for they are foreign to him.  He cannot understand them; neither can he abide by them.  He cannot live by that law, because he does not understand.  This is why you walk by the love of God, for there are many who cry out that they are the servants of God, but there are few who really are.  To say a thing is quite different from actually being it.  Many say it, in order to find praise in the eyes of man.  They like to stand on a pedestal so that men may look and say, “Isn’t she marvellous, look what she is doing”, when actually there is no true love or true dedication to be found there.  The true servants of God are always those who do things and say nothing.

As you walk through your life, the love of God gives you that protection against faltering in your ways.  To fight against the ambitions, desires and obsessions, which come from the darker forces on our side of life that oppose you because you do the will of God.  The love of God is protection against these things and if that is with you, then your road will be straight and you will not falter.  Your joy is assured and your happiness will be complete.  You will have a place in your Father’s house, where happiness and contentment is in abundance.  You will travel far and wide throughout the universe and the realms of spirit, in his name.  As you do so, you will learn and grow in stature.  In that stature of love and in the likeness of God, your Father.  Just as children grow up in the likeness of their parents, so do the children of God grow up in his likeness.

I ask you to keep these things in your mind.  I also ask you to consider those who love you from our side who must return frustrated, when you will not rise and give the words that they have given you, because you are doubtful as to whether it is right or wrong.  Neither do you know of the joy they return with, when the one they have come to teach stands up and gives what they have instilled within them.

Then there is joy with them, because you have taken the next step.  If you can do this once, my children, then you can do it every time that they come.  On each occasion they will open your mind a little wider and give to you something completely different.  As you grow you will become constantly aware of their presence, as they enter your aura and bring with them the sweetness of their love.

My children, each Saturday morning should feel you with excitement and anticipation, because you know that you are to come here in the afternoon.  If you feel this, then you are linking truly with those from our side of life, who impart to you the special gifts of love and enjoyment that you give to your teacher.  But if it has become a duty to come here, because your hearts and minds are in a different place, then you should not come.

I realise there is always the exceptional occasion when you will wish to be somewhere else, or there will be a special event and we accept that.  But when this happens too often, when you seem to be enjoying yourself too much to want to come here, then is the time to stop and question why you do.  Perhaps it would be better to part and say “I have tried but I can go no further.”  We will understand; there will be no bitterness with us and we will wish you well in all that you attempt to do.  There are always those who want to come and desire the opportunity that you have been given.  So there will be no question of depletion within the Circle as there are always those who are waiting to serve their God.

We do not want you to think or believe you are held here in chains, as that is far from what we wish to teach you.  Always we speak of freedom; freedom of the soul and that is why you have free will and must continue to exercise your free will.  But do not ever use your free will in believing that it is a duty for you to perform.  It is not.  It must always be an act of joy, a feeling of excitement at the thought “This afternoon I am going to my Circle and will be link with my teacher and with all those who come with him.  Friends and helpers will all be there and we will feel something of their world and be taught something about out heavenly Father who created us.”

If the world is to be raised up and saved from its agony, pain and misery, then it must be through those souls such as you, who will stand up and be counted and without fear, deliver the truth.  Even though it may mean you will suffer at the hands of those who oppose you, both in this world and in the world to come.  This is the challenge that is there and I have never tried to deceive you as to the difficult path you have chosen and the dangers that lie along that road.  This is why I have emphasized in the past about your thinking and your love and care for each other.  How you should pray for each other, for these are the very reasons why.  You must live your life correctly so you will not attract the wrong kind of people to you and involve those in your Circle with that kind of danger, because you are all interlinked.

So beloved, do not think that I have come to scorn you.  Instead I have come to give you a measure of our love for you and our needs that you must supply to us in order for us to accomplish our work in you.  You see, our heavenly Father has sent us on a mission, because he has a wondrous plan, to bring salvation and redemption to his children and you are part of the plan.

When you were in the spirit before you were born here, you were enthralled with the idea that you had been chosen to go!  We knew you, we spoke with you and taught you as much as we could, so that you may have some kind of light and strength when the time came for you to face the very tasks that we had sent you about.  You can surely see this and realise how many have been lost to us over the course of time.  Because they have been lost to us, they are also lost to themselves.  When their time comes to return home to their God, can you imagine, what tears will be theirs?  When they stand before that noble soul and say to him, “Father, I have failed.”  You have no conception, my children, of what that means; none whatsoever.

I would also like to tell you something of the pain that is felt by my son whom I use.  It is not easy for him for he knows through past experience, how difficult a way it is.  Especially if you are a teacher like him, who comes with the same love for you and the same desire to set you free, so you may walk in the same light as he has shared.  Yes, his pain is there too.

When you have one among you who is a teacher, then you should care for them very carefully, because you don’t know how fortunate you are.  Give double thought and consideration to all you do within your Circle and in your friendship with each other.  Consider also he who stands as a doorway for you to enter into your Father’s house.  When you are ready you will enter and it will be because he has given so much, that you may do so.

Farewell my children, until we assemble again.  I am sorry this was not the topic I had intended to speak to you on, but it would be unfair to deliver it whilst some are absent.  Instead I have taken the opportunity to implant something within your hearts and minds that you have never seen before.

Farewell, farewell.

This spiritual development teaching ends.

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