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Spiritual Development Teaching - The Road HomeIn this spiritual development teaching Hafed explains that human free will is basically a choice between good and evil.  He tells us that it is strange, but the hardest road to take is the one that leads us home to God.

He urges us to fight the temptations and obsessions that we face and choose the right path.  He tells us to be strong enough to stand up in what we believe, because to stay quiet or agree with someone who opposes God, is to oppose God himself.

Hafed begins his spiritual development teaching:

I greet you beloved in the name of love and in the name of Him who I call Lord and Master.  Peace be with each and everyone of you.  When we were together last week I believe I spoke to you of the two choices people have to make in their lives, between good and evil.  In truth this is a fair extent of mans’ free will, whereby the theme of one or the other runs through everything that you do.  It may seem a strange thing for me to say, but the hardest path in life to follow is the one that leads you back home; back to your God.

You have no memory of this home, unlike the memories of your Earthly home which you carry with you here.  When you have been away, perhaps on holiday, or indeed visiting friends, how often have you said, “I’ll be glad to get home and have a nice cup of tea.”  I am sure that many of you have said that, for even though you dwell in a strange land, you have made your home here.

You have forgotten the home that is really yours, which lies in the world that is yet to be for you.  When you make the change called death you shall be greeted in the foothills of God’s kingdom by those who love you, who have served you and served with you in life.  Yet, in order to go home, you must have faith.  Faith is in many different forms.  It is not only faith in a God you cannot see, but also to have faith in yourself; in your own ability and accomplishments.  Many times you say, “Oh no, I could not do that” and yet you can, by faith.  Faith always seems to be required when the task being undertaken is hidden from your eyes.

It might be having faith in your own abilities to accomplish things that you desire, or faith in others, whom you call friends and loved ones.  Or maybe it is in your ability to choose the right way in life; to do what is right.  Not always an easy task, because you are very often badgered by the desires and frailties, within you.  Your own weaknesses that are sometimes like an obsession to you.  Always those things are for the ‘ill’, never for the good.  Yet it is only faith that can give you the strength to overcome the shallow part of your life.  Spiritual comfort and wealth can only be brought about by choosing the right path.

I realise it is difficult enough to make the right decisions on humdrum matters in your world and to choose to stand up against those who would oppose you, because your ways are not their ways.  I know that there are so many who oppose you because you stand up and say there is no death, life is eternal and tell them of those souls who come back from the spirit world in which they now dwell.  But if it true and you believe it to be so, what do you do?  Do you stand up and oppose those who speak lies or do you for the sake of peace and quiet, or perhaps fear of them, agree with them?  Perhaps you silently say to yourself, “I will agree with them, but I know their words are not true”, little realising that when you do so, you are opposing God.  You are challenging the truth he has given you.

When all is said and done, it comes down to this.  Are you really worthy of the truth that you have?  Do you know exactly what is called for from you?  Do you understand that even if you must forfeit your life to defend the truth, then that is what you must do?

There can be no sitting on the fence or back tracking.  There can be no agreeing with the opposition.  You have been given the truth.  What do you do with that truth?  Do you shroud it in darkness and keep it hidden?  Then you have become worse than those who oppose you, because at least in their ignorance they believe they are correct.  You know the truth but through fear you do not trust God sufficiently to proclaim what it is.  This is the truth that has the power to light the minds of others, through your efforts.  So we come to this word trust, do we not?  We find, in this trust, there is the same measure of faith to believe, to have confidence, to trust one another.

You have a Circle within which you have your (spirit) companions in arms.  By being here they cry aloud that they are soldiers for Christ and they will raise their swords of truth to smite the enemy.  Dumfound him with their words of truth and salvation.  Have you all got that conviction and courage?  Do you all bear the same hallmark of Christ that we have been teaching you about, which we have invested in you?  Or is it just a part thing, that goes into your mind and you say “Lovely, beautiful words, I love to listen to it.”

But the reward is not to him who listens but to him who carries the banner into the enemy camp; that is where the reward lies.  Therefore, you must have trust in each other, for in that trust lies your strength.  You can only be as strong as your weakest link and faith must not be “I think”, but rather “I know that there is a God, and he knows about me.”  Does it surprise you that God knows of each one of you personally?  That you are known by name?  Does that really surprise you?  But why should it?  When you were home, living with your Father in his mansion, you knew him and you knew his name.  That is why I said to you that you were to go home.  These other homes that you have erected in this strange land are just for your comfort and convenience.  My children, you are the princes and princesses of the realm of God, who is the true king.

Weekly you come here, through those doors into this sanctuary of love and light and healing, wearing the dross of this world from your life.  As you assemble here, those who love you dearly work hard to relieve you of that.  We know it is an illusion that you wear and we do not want you to suffer with illusion, but to see clearly through the eyes of faith what is fact and truth.

You listen to us in this Sanctuary and are inspired.  You walk a little taller when you pass out of that door and you think to yourself “Things seem a lot clearer, things are a lot brighter now.”  Yet as time passes, those things that brought you the very threshold of the great God, begin to slip away.  Once more your eyes are filled with the things of Earth, which you think you need and do not.  They bind you to the very things which we are seeking to free you from.  The illusion of life is very strong and can lead you so easily along the pathway of evil and darkness.

Many of those in your world, whom you rub shoulders with day by day, are walking in darkness, the darkness of their own minds.  Still they are out brothers and sisters and the day must come when they are set free.  But you don’t want to fashion your life and thoughts on their ways or model your desires along the pleasures they find, through the flesh.  I tell you that only misery lies there as your reward.

But on that road to Heaven, on that road back home, lies that perfect insight of true contentment and happiness.  Hopefully you are being bound together through the strength of the words we give you, in the Law of God, in love, in understanding and in trust to each other.  These things will fill you with the zeal of God so that you may cry out to do His service to your brother.  To be able to paint the same true life story on the canvas of their minds, as I have painted on yours.  You must give them the opportunity to be free from the misery and drudgery of life, which they have brought on themselves, by choosing the wrong road.   Because of the bright lights and the attractions, which are just illusions, fashioned and modelled in their desires of the flesh and nothing more.

When you look back over the centuries and read the kind of things which happened in your scriptures, you will find that all those things were won by faith and it will not be any different for you.  You will find it no easier than they.  Many things that we tell you have to be taken on trust.  You must have faith in us, that we do not design such things to lead you astray.  We try through logic to appeal to the insight of your minds, that you may say to yourself “At least it is logical.”  We have to ask you to believe that you going home and that there is a home for you.  We have to ask you to believe we are the sons of light who journey back to make you the sons and daughters of light.  Light is the only form of freedom and contentment you can have.  Darkness and sin will wear you down to the very bottom of the pit.

We are the sons of light and we appeal to you through the words we bring to believe, trust and have faith in us.  Not only in us, but more so in him who has sent us, so you may become just as close and at one with him as ourselves.  Consider your life and choose what is right.  Remember what has been given to you is not just for your sake, but for the sakes of all others who will listen and are ready to receive that truth.

Teach us dear Lord, to serve you as you deserve, to fight and not to count the cost, to toil and to ask for no reward except to know that we do your will.  Amen.


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