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Spiritual Development Teaching - Religious DivideIn this spiritual development teaching Hafed discusses the major world religions and how they have distorted God’s truths to the extent that wars have been fought over religion and society is divided by religious differences.

Hafed tells us that it was always God’s intention that the major religions of the world should become one and inherit the same truth and way of living.  He singles out the dangerous situation in the Middle East and says that man is creating conditions, which will lead to an end product that he cannot foresee or understand.

The spiritual development teaching commences:

Good afternoon and God bless you, my children.

They say golden silence is the one to search for, whereas others say that silence is golden.  Either way, it holds a great deal and if man would teach himself such things, it would indeed be a golden life that he would live.  The type of life I spoke of last week about the Golden Age.

It is not my intention to stay with you for very long this afternoon.  I just want to say a few words and if by saying them I am able to show you the errors of man you will at least have learned something.  It is only when man allows his own thoughts and feelings to rise to the forefront that they overcome and transgress the law of God.  Man will insist on trying to become the authority rather than the child who sits and listens.

It is not always possible for you to totally understand the word of God as it is given to you.  Very often you misinterpret the ways God intended you to follow.  If you look in your scriptures you will discover there are three great religions, although I do not like the word religion for it does not really apply itself to the truth of God.  Nonetheless there are three main religions that man follows; religions that were founded on what God has given.

The first was the Jewish faith, born out of Abraham and to this day they still follow much of what is written.  Then of course there was the Christian religion, which seemed to follow-on from the religion of the Jews.  Then there was Islam, which follows on from Christianity.  If you were to look into these religions you would find the same law of life and living was applied to all of them.  The same truths are there to be clearly seen and in each case it was God’s intention that man should live in peace with his fellowman and there should be a great bond between them.

We find that out the Jewish faith was born the Son of God, whose teachings the Gentiles made into the Christian faith.  Similarly, out of Mohammed came forth Islam.  It comes back full circle (one circle), because God tells us in the Islamic teachings delivered by Mohammed that the Jewish and the Christian faiths are all one faith.


Jesus was born out of Mary who was a virgin and He is indeed the Son of God, and each of the religions should be treated by their followers as they would their own.  So God intended that the three religions should become as one and should inherit the same truth and way of living.  But over the course of time you can see how those very religions have been segregated.  Islam is at war with both the Jewish nation and the Gentiles.  You can see in the Jewish faith that they too are at war with Islam and will not have anything to do with Jesus as the Son of God.  They will not accept Him.

Finally the Christian faith is in effect at war with Islam and the Jewish faith.  Therefore they have completely separated from each other.  All of this is because the followers of those faiths, whichever faith it was, do not listen to the words that were given to them by their prophets and teachers.  Had they done this there could be no separation; neither could one be at war with the other.

It is the hatred and ignorance of man which prevails over those religions, rather than God.  Man has injected his own ideas, views and interpretations into the prophet’s words and caused them to be very damning to each of the other religions, which they are supposed to give support to.  When you consider this, you will realise that had man listened to the words given by God, the dangerous situation existing in the Middle East today is the very situation that God had hoped to avoid when He first gave those words of truth to lead them by.

There could never have been the suffering that has gone on in the Middle East, either between Jewish nation and the Arab world, or the conflict within the Arab world itself.  Neither would there have been the hatred between the nations that uphold these religions.  So you begin to understand how it is that man, through not listening to the given word creates conditions, which are leading to an end product that he cannot see and understand.

Years ago, when all these things began to fall apart, those in that time could not see where it would lead them in terms of present day conditions; no more than the present day conditions can be seen by those who are yet to come.  Or what kind of a world they are creating out of the noise they are making.

Because man is devious and not trustworthy or faithful, there is no saying the pacts between countries will be kept.  It is just something suitable to their cause at this moment in time, but may give great aggravation in the days to come.

It would seem to me that had they kept silent and not allowed all this aggravation and hatred to build within them – but had they instead kept their peace and silence and followed the word of God given to them through the prophets of old, they would have allowed the laws of God to work out all their problems.  There would have been none doing battle with another, for how could there be when you follow the same God?  How can you talk of a holy war, when God specifically states “Thou shalt not kill.  Thou shalt love one another, even as I have loved you.”  Because they let go of those things and turned to their own devices to satisfy their own greed, so the pain and suffering begins.  Many thousands, even millions, suffer a great torment because of it all.

What do you think God is thinking right now?  When they have taken His word and twisted it out of all proportion and have rejected the laws of love and peace that He has given to them.  What else is He able to do?

It seems to me that man is not only determined to destroy all that he believes in and all the good things that can be found there, but also to destroy himself.  We continue in prayer that God’s will may be done with them for the good of every nation on Earth.

With that I will leave you and say no more.  Good afternoon, and God bless you all.

Hafed ends his spiritual development teaching here.

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