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Spiritual Development Teaching - Unjust LawsIn this spiritual development teaching Hafed draws our attention to the world’s unjust political systems which favour the rich.

He forewarns that the world’s financial systems will collapse, just as he previously correctly predicted that the Berlin Wall would fall long before it did.

There will be much chaos and suffering before the Golden Age comes into being.  Then the values of man will change as he will come to realise that he can only be truly happy and contented if he lives according to spiritual values.

Hafed commences his spiritual development teaching:

My children, for a long time now I have been endeavouring, with others, to inject in you something of those greater values of life, which are to be found in the spiritual version of life; something of the laws of God.  Had you been listening to the earlier Bible reading (John 15 verses 12 to 27) you would have found a great deal about the laws of God.

I have spoken on many different matters over the weeks relating to this truth that must inspire and guide each one of you, realising nothing will happen, unless you are prepared to put it into practice by living your lives according to that law.  We have given you to understand that by living according to this law, you have a greater life yet to come. It is a life that will be filled with immeasurable joy of the many different experiences, being set free from fears, doubts and anything that is ugly or painful.  One that makes the life you have now look very dim and dingy.

We realise much of what we have said, relating to this path we wish you to walk, has been difficult for you to comprehend.  Difficult indeed, to see and believe in that life filled with those treasures you will never find here.  For mans’ determination to proceed with his life along his own particular way, which is basically looking after himself alone, does not give him anything which is of true value.  Though he may succeed materially several times over, he is still the loser in the long run.

You have a saying in your life, which says you should not mix politics with religion.  However, I cannot divulge the truths that I have without being involved in the politics of your lives or of the world.  For in many ways, they are in opposition to the will and to the laws of God, and God will have his way.  Laws are made in your time by Parliament, which few people take much notice.  Even fewer consider where they will lead them, in the future.  All these laws seem to be set to one end, for the profit of him who has most and for the downfall of him who has least.

I wish to make some comparisons in order to show you the two different ways of life.  You know something of the Parliamentary power that allows laws to be passed which have not been to the good of the common people.  Indeed some have caused much heartache and suffering.  For example, there are more people who do not have a place to dwell and are forced to live on the streets.  There are more people who are unemployed because of policies to reduce spending in order to control inflation, but at whose expense?  It is only at the expense of the working man.

Your health care system is biased; with those able to pay the most receiving the best and fastest treatment through the private sector.  It is good for the man who has the money to pay, but little hope to the man who has not.

There are also the heavy burdens placed upon the poor and lifted from the rich, regarding Poll Tax.  The bargain sale of nationalised industries has led to price increases which the poorer man struggles to pay.

There is also an attack upon the old and upon those who will be pensioners themselves one day.  For you who are young must ferret to purchase some kind of an insurance, which will provide an income in your old age.  Those who are too old to have this kind of policy have to rely on the State.  This is not something the State gives them freely; it is what they have paid into it over their lives.  But when the present generation has faded away those who remain will be left to their own devices, to provide for their old age.  But if you are unemployed and you cannot afford to live, as it is now, where do you find the money to purchase that kind of security?  What will happen when those same people arrive at the door of old age?  Where will their money come from?  Where will they find any kind of security?

These laws are not made for the average man, but always for the rich.  Schools have also had their funding reduced.  All of this is not conducive to the laws of God.  I am not in any way advocating a Labour Government, or any other kind of Government.  I have no doubt there are weaknesses in all political parties, for man and his frailties are in every way part of the pattern of his life.

Is this the way that God wants his children to live?  I want you to remember God said that all His children are equal and you are all His children.  Because you are all equal, you are all part of the life that He has given you.  No man should be treated differently from another, regardless of his colour or his religion.  All should be equal.  God did not only provide land for those who are wealthy, for by what right do they have that land?  I realise that the system of laws that you now have has been built up, generation upon generation, but they are nonetheless unjust.  They are not laws of God’s making and as I have said to you earlier that God will have his way.

Many years ago, and perhaps there are some here now who will recall, I said the foundation of communism was beginning to crack and one day it would fall and the great wall would fall.  At that time there was no indication of that ever happening, yet almost overnight these things took place.  God knew that in order to bring His laws into being he must remove that object because it was contrary to His law.  At that same time I also said there would come a time when the finances of man and the ‘God’ he worshiped would also fall and be no more.  For the law of God does not make way for money.  It is not a good thing to build upon, for it encourages the greedy and denies the poor their rights.

Therefore it has always been God’s intention to bring this world to that point of spiritual understanding where he may introduce his laws into your life.  Many of his laws are found in the Bible, such as “Thou shalt not steal, thou shalt honour thy mother and father, thou shalt not commit adultery, thou shalt not kill, thou shalt have only one God.”  We realise man has these, but he breaks them and does not live according to them, because he cannot see any purpose in doing so.

It has taken thousands of years to come to this point in time when man seems to be becoming more conscious of help for the needy.  Indeed, you have seen something of this with the poorer nations who have been in poverty and starving.  You have seen it with the victims of war and even now in Russia.  But at all times, man wanted something in return, because he was looking for profit, either by money, land or trading rights.  There was nothing given with a good spiritual heart.

It is God who supplies all of mans’ needs.  True, man must work in order to bring these things into being.  Even so, he may work as hard and as long as he wishes, but nothing would be provided unless God granted it.  That is to say, all the food that you eat and all the materials which make your world what it is.  Therefore, man has prospered and gone along the path of materialism a lot faster than he has the path of spirit and spirituality.

You cannot travel along the path of materialism without taking into account the spirituality that is required by each individual, in order to keep a balance of things in the world and to uphold justice for all mankind.  God has ever been mindful of these things and over the course of the years has been working towards bringing that light of salvation to his children, by implanting within their minds the laws and the truth of those laws that give real justice.

So you have witnessed over the course of your short lives, something of the workings of God, hidden from man and yet made manifest.  You have begun to see the change that is coming in the world and all these events are to happen, if the world is to become as God intended.

There are still other obstacles that have yet to be moved, for other nations have roots of hatred within them, poisoned by the years that have passed between their nation and others.  They too are growing with wealth and growing in unity that is something that did not happen before.  In the Eastern countries there was always division in the Arab world, but now that is slowly beginning to change, but the old hatreds remain.

In the next four to five years, you are to witness and see great events that are to change your world still further.  Much of this will not be to man’s liking, but it will be man’s inhumanity that will inflict it on others.  At the same time, it will act as a lesson for future generations, because the world itself will be in turmoil.  But always out of suffering something new is born, like a woman who suffers the pain of childbirth and yet, out of it comes a son or a daughter, bringing her great joy and filling her heart with a new kind of peace.

It is the same for the world at large because the suffering that will happen at that time will be a new birth for man.  It will hold in its fold many of the laws that God has always intended man to live by.  Man will then be ready and willing to grasp at those laws and live by them, in peace with his fellow man

Do not forget the prophecies of Jesus.  For he has said, “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth” and so shall it be.  There will be a new life born to all and it will not depend on wealth, ambition, greed and the status of one country over another country.  Neither will it be according to the rulers of the land, for a new spirit will enter man.  It will be the spirit of God and truly it will cry, “Abba, Father!” and truly man will rule himself, according to that spirit within.

I have said God is the provider of all the needs of man and this too will become very clear.  Not like today, where man in his greed takes great pride in possessing more than he needs, thus draining the world of its resources, but rather man will take only his needs.  For the in dwelling spirit of God will teach him that by the bread of faith, peace and love he has been fed.  Out of this comes his joy of living in a world that is free from disease and free from brutal violence of every description.  Peace shall rule the land and joy shall visit the hearts of all men.

All men will work for each other, for in that time it will be possible.  No man will lay aside more than he needs, or accuse his neighbour of not working hard enough.  All men will be united in that spirit of God.  The council of God shall rule the hearts of all men and He who we call Lord and Master shall truly be your King.  The world you have now shall be no more, but shall have changed and gone away.

You my children, who sit here, may say to yourselves, “What of us?  For if this turmoil is to happen, will we be taken?  Will our lives be taken in that turmoil”?  I say again to you, “Ten thousand may fall at your right side and ten thousand at your left side, but it shall not come unto thee, for I am with you, sayeth the Lord.”  If any of you should make the change called death, it shall be natural.  It shall be because it is the time, whether it is through disease or accident, it is the time.  You will come to us and be one of the many, many legions of Christ’s soldiers, who come in that hour to bring an end to the terrible violence that happens then.

I tell you these things, not to frighten you, not to make you full of fear, for that is not the purpose.  But there is a saying, that to be forewarned is to be forearmed.  It is to show to you who are gathered here the great importance of the work that the Master calls you to.  This is why we say that you must change; you must become a new creature.  You must let the old creature die, for that belonged to yesterday.  You belong to tomorrow.  You belong to the new world.  You belong to ‘a new set of values’;  new set of laws which will govern over you.  You have work to do in all of this, so draw yourselves away from fear, for fear is your enemy and always has been.

Fill yourself with the courage and strength that comes from the truth of God.  You must bind yourselves together in true friendship and love.  On another occasion I am going to deal with this, to make you conscious of your duty towards God, yourself and those who assemble here each week.

So my children, the time has come for me to say farewell.  Hopefully you will listen to all that has been said and absorb it.  I realise it raises many questions in your minds, but be patient for now for I cannot reveal more than I have told you at this time.

Good afternoon and God bless each one of you.

Hafed’s spiritual development teaching ends.

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