Spiritual Development Teaching | Love Versus Aggression

Spiritual Development Teaching - Spiritual GrowthIn this spiritual development teaching Hafed explains the destructive nature of aggression, which permeates all aspects of our lives.  He tells us how vital it is for our spiritual development that we replace it with love.

Hafed commences his spiritual development teaching:

The mood has been set for us by the reading itself (Reading: 1 Corinthians 12:13) and if I am able I would like to show you the reason why love must be the most potent power within you and the motivation of your soul, to do God’s work.

Firstly, I do not believe you need me to tell you that God is love; therefore He is the figurehead, the fountain of life, joy and happiness.  Yet, perhaps what is even more important is that He is the holiness within that love.  His love is not the same as a man has for a woman or vice versa, or parents have for their children.  His love is a holy love and goes far deeper and is more enriched with the sincerity that must fill your breast when you serve your God.

Love is honest and honesty was the first quest I gave you; the first step towards God.  Love is pure and therefore cannot be in any way be deceitful or untrue.  There are many aspects to God’s love and when it comes to you it will refine and rid you of the impurities that life holds for you now.  It will give you, not only the qualities of spiritual love and holiness, but the light of truth.  For love has the ability to completely change the life of a man by filling him with an awareness of where he is going wrong.  It makes him feel all that he should be doing and is not.

What I have said to you has been in word form; it is like a pointing finger to direct your spiritual mind onto the path we would see you pursue. Yet, in no way have we been able to inject in you any of its true emotions and feelings.  When you talk it is in word form, it is a sound which reaches your ears.  If it does not have that quality of love within it, then it is empty and meaningless.  It doesn’t have the ability to touch and stir the soul of another with the true love that you feel for them.  You can only inject this kind of emotion and power into your words when you have that true spiritual love within you.  It is the kind of love that will make positive contact with the mind and soul of the wretch you are trying to uplift.  You bring them to the light by making them aware of the greatness of God.

When you come to the full realisation of this wondrous love, then your life will change and become totally different from the one you have made for yourself now.  It has the ability to make you aware that no harm can come to you and that the true purpose of life is not found in the fulfillment of earthly things, but in the fulfillment of your spiritual quest.  The quest of the soul that can only be when you have the full measure of God’s love, for it is then that the Holy Spirit is motivating your every action.  It brings you to the point where you no longer reside in a physical body, although you do, but more within the soul body which is bound up in the spiritual mind.

Yes it is true that you are here in a physical state, but not to carry out the physical law or to be ruled or governed by the temptations, which the physical law presents, so you might fail.  I have often said you will be tested by many of the different temptations of life and you will fall because you are not yet the full measure of those temptations.  This is due to the fact that you are still evolving from the child of God to the sons and daughters of God.  In this unfoldment, both in a spiritual and mindful way, come the temptations from the physical body.

It is like the child being born again, but this time the child of light you have heard is to come and be born in this era of time and so it is happening.  When we speak of a child we do not speak of new born babies, rather we speak to you of the child of God.  It is the spiritual child that you are struggling to give birth to through the wob of the body.  All the experiences and temptations are being presented to you to strengthen your awareness and spiritual understanding.

Now love is the ultimate goal you must reach.  Do not just listen to my words (you must try to put them into action).  Although I know these words cannot possibly reach you in the same way as I would like them to.  They will reach you according to your spiritual light, awareness within and what you are prepared to give, not only to your God but also to others.  For love is the complete sacrifice and this is the ultimate joy you are to reach.

When you consider love and say it is the ultimate sacrifice, you must realise those words and the fulfillment of them: “No man has greater love than this that he should lay down his life for his friends”.  Jesus did this for us, He laid down his life so the greater light of truth may shine down through the ages to man and bring that spiritual birth of the child of light.

Therefore, we are looking at something which perhaps you are not wholly prepared to do.  What are you prepared to do for your neighbour and your friend who sits by your side?  Do you really love them or is there a barrier which stands between you?  Does coldness exist there?  If there is then all you do is meaningless and you can in no way accomplish anything.

Maybe someone has been hurtful to you without cause, but this still does not provide you with the right to retaliate, for that cannot be part of God’s law.  It would not in anyway fulfill the forgiveness side of the nature which must be inherent in the children of God.

My children, you have the right to forgive but you do not have the right to judge, for that is what love does.  It weaves these things together for you and makes forgiveness possible; complete forgiveness.  It makes you able to touch the souls of others with words that go deep.

It is not sufficient to know the meaning of the word, for we all know the meaning of the word.  You have to feel the power that is there and know what it really is.  This is the state of spirituality you are striving to achieve and it is our hope we can gradually reveal to you, exactly what you must do to accomplish that feeling of love.  Not the word, not the meaning, but the feeling of love embodied within you to change your life, then you are able to see exactly where you should be going.

It will drive out all your fears, petty jealousies, hatred and that which you call boredom, because it is the very energy of life.  It brings complete joy and contentment, it is the light that shines within truth, the light of Christ and will not permit darkness to enter.  Fear cannot dwell there, for you already know the supreme power of all being to be your God, your Father, your Creator, therefore, there can be no one to fear.

My children, this is where we are trying to lead you, step by step.  Of course it is necessary for us to go over the same ground, time after time.  Perhaps with different versions, in different ways, with different ideas being at the centre, but always pointing you in the same direction, so eventually it may click and you might say, ‘Ah yes I see, I know now’.  This is when the child is born, the child of light, the child of love.


My children, we must drive out of you all forms of aggression, for all people in the world have aggression.  It is found in your working life, with your colleagues, it is found in the home between family members, it is found between your friends and neighbours.  It is found between governments of different nations and in your sports that you like to watch.  Yet it is a poison that is slowly destroying all that would bring you to salvation.  It is slowly destroying the Earth and slowing numbing your mind to love, thus preventing that feeling from existing, even between man and woman, and between sons and daughters.  We must give great consideration to aggression, for it is not in any way part of the law of God and never can be.

You have been given free will and it can be broken down into two parts:

1)    Freedom, the power to choose.

2)    Willpower, by which you accomplish your aims in life.

But if it is motivated by aggression, then it is a destroyer of your life and your freedom.  It can in no way be a creative energy, which I have spoken of as being a soul deliverer, capable of ridding you of your anger, hatreds, wants, fears and anxieties.

You sit in the quiet and wonder about your life and what you are trying to accomplish, but always there is aggression still within you.  It is part of your nature, built up over the course of time here on Earth, which you have copied from others.  You think to yourself that if you want to get on in life, you have got to have this aggression in order to win, for to win is the only thing.  But I say to you, if to win by the means of aggression is the only way, then better for you that you never win at all.

This is the image that has been created by man and his aggression and his will to win at any cost.  But, if he uses aggression to win he forgets that somewhere he is going to take away freedom from others, which is his first mistake for he cripples the spiritual progression of another.  The will to win through aggression can achieve only one thing – your destruction.  It cannot create for you a spiritual balance of power by which you will succeed, for when you say the will to win you are speaking about yourself and you are but one, an individual.

The will to win for all through love is something far greater, but it is a different image than the one that hangs in prime place in mans’ mind – the will to succeed through aggression.  The will to win through love, means to win for all, thus bringing happiness and joy to all men.  In this way all may be equal, all may stand in the light of God’s Son and be free from the fear of hunger, want and disease.

These truly are the goals man should be setting for himself and if he did so, then you would see the great advancement this world would make.  For he would free himself from the fears of war, famine and disease; especially those diseases that come because of mans’ own lust.  He creates the imperfect seed, which fulfills the saying: “The sins of the father shall visit the children”.  You see this already happening and it is a great sin, a great cross to bear because it is an imperfect seed, created out of imperfection and those destructive energies of lust, greed, hatred and violence.  The energies of aggression are all there, creating that seed of imperfection, designed in the shape of sin which tortures and totally annihilates mankind.

I do hope I am not worrying you by what I am saying, or causing you to be fearful, but I cannot bring the truth to you unless I tell and show you the exact picture of what is taking shape here and now, so you may guard yourself against that way in life.  Instead seek for the treasures of Heaven, which as we know are bound up in love, in God and dwell within all of us, if we are prepared to give up our will to do his will.  To sacrifice our lives for the lives of lesser men, who have less understanding.

So my children, you might see the garb of aggression is worn by the deceiver and cannot and will never enter into the realms of light.  It can only find its place according to its own spiritual value and its own spiritual logic, submerged in darkness and within its own agony and pain.

Remember, aggression takes its shape and form in many different ways, not only in violence, but also in cheating and wrongful thinking.  It is in lies and deceit, which are born from the wob of aggression.  So you must examine your lives, your thoughts and relationships with each other and with all those in your life (be it friend, workmate or neighbour) in order to put yourself in the right frame of mind to address them and to love them.

If God is able to love you who is imperfect and loves all others who are sinful, to say the least, then should we not be able to love each other and above all to love God.  Do not forget to tell God that you love him because he likes to be told.  For in the word love, there is the vibration of love, therefore it can be returned to you one hundred fold.  So when you say Father I love you, you will feel that uplift of love come into your being and you will know that he has answered you, by saying I love you too my child.  Soft and gentle are his ways and that is how you must be.

I will leave those thoughts with you to take root and sink in, that you might become sober minded and find the delight of knowing God much closer than you have ever known before.  In some later stage we will speak again about aggression and how it defaces the beauty found in some of the skills in your sport.  By showing you how it also defaces the souls of man in their actions in life.

Do you have any questions you would like to ask, before I depart?


How do you treat someone who harms you when you have constant contact with them?  Would it not be better to ignore them or cut them off?


Ignore is a word I do not like, for it is a base word which could be construed as taking revenge.  We will not hide our face from the truth but we will face the reality of God’s teaching and the way is to love them.


Should we just pretend nothing has happened?


No, pretence is not the word, for it is part of deceit and that again cannot in anyway have a part in solving your problems.


So what should we do?


You love them and show them you love them.  You forgive them each time their action or their tongue digs a little deeper into you.


But surely in that way, you are almost pretending to them that you have not even noticed what they have done.  Is that what you mean?


It is not a pretence; you are simply spiritually aware of their inability to love you back.  You do not hurt them in return, but you love them, for they are incapable of loving to that degree.  By showing them and demonstrating your love you will win, because you take the sword from their hand.  At that same time it is also advisable to examine yourself in the light of what they are saying to see if there is any truth there.



In this specific case it isn’t anything that they have said but something they have done.


I see, but it is still what you must do, you must forgive and you must love them.  I would not say that if someone was causing you physical harm you should allow it to continue, that is wrong also.  The law of your land does not permit such a thing and neither does the law of God, for that deems punishment of some type, whether it is a term of imprisonment or a fine or whatever.  Even so, it does not mean to say you must hold your forgiveness back from them, for forgiveness is yours to give and rightfully so.  To love is the only way for you to forgive, for that is the only complete way.  To say I will just have nothing to do with them, is one way, for you do not have to go near a violent person, when you know that his or her intention is to harm you, but if you are able to forgive others so God will forgive you.  It is in your prayer so take full advantage of it.


I do know we must forgive but I just wanted some advice on how to treat them on Earth.


With love and forgiveness.  It does not mean to say you must go out of your way to be a friend to them, although it would be nice, but this could only happen if they want to be a friend to you.  It is perhaps better to remain aloof, but still forgive and love them.  Do you understand?

I will say farewell, God bless you.

Hafed’s spiritual development teaching ends.

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