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Spiritual Development Teaching - Spiritual Growth In this spiritual development teaching, from Aquarius, Hafed talks about passing into the spirit world which is particularly relevant as one of our Circle (our beloved Ivy) passed away in the weeks leading up to this teaching.

Hafed also tells us that our Circle is to take on a physical dimension as our love and unity grows, meaning that we will be able to see spirits in the sanctuary.

Hafed speaks of the importance of spreading the spiritual teachings far and wide and tells us that eventually we will have our own spiritual centre, but all in good time.

Hafed starts his spiritual development teaching:

I greet you beloved in the name of love and in the name of Him whom I call Lord and Master.  Peace be with each and every one of you.

My children, I am sure the events of the last few weeks have been sad for all of you, because one of our members no longer resides here in the physical body.  She has come back to her spiritual home.  Note to reader: Hafed refers to sister Ivy who passed into spirit, the beloved wife of our Medium, Douglas Arnold.  I want to reassure all of you that she is present here today and I am certain that she will make that presence known and felt to each one of you.

However it did seem to me that perhaps I need to speak to you about the passing from this life to the life that is to come.  You all know that when you pass from here, you are going to enter into a world that is totally different from the one that you have now.  In many ways it is far more beautiful than the one in which you live because all the harshness that you find here in life is no longer with you.  Neither are there pains of the physical body or the doubts, fears, worries and troubles of your life; they simply cease to be.

However you will carry with you into that new environment a great deal of what you enjoyed in this world and this will become something of a handicap to you in the beginning.  Of course the dearest thing that you leave behind in this world is always your loved ones.  Those who are left grieve and find it difficult to adjust without that very special person who has filled their life.  Though perhaps you do not see and do not always realise that the one who has passed into the higher life also feels the same grief.

As you are so shall you be and love knows no boundaries, therefore if it is painful here, it will be painful there too.  If that love is deep and there is a real bond with those whom they left on Earth, then it is bound to be so.  For love, my children, demands it to be so and you cannot in any way change that law of love.  It is in operation on both sides of the veil that separates you from eternal life.  So if you have been carrying any misunderstanding about this, I want you to now know.

Of course, the passing of our sister Ivy has prompted all of this.  She is happy in every way except that like my son (Hafed refers to our Medium, who was married to Ivy) she too grieves and longs to be with him.  It is a natural state of affairs and one that should be so, for love binds you in that way.  Now our sister Ivy knows only too well that my son must journey on for a little longer, just as all of you are aware of this, in order that his work shall be completed.  If love is true it does not mellow or die away.  It is only strengthened.  You will find that your sister, who helped so many of you here, will continue to do this.  You will find her in your homes and in your daily lives as she makes her presence felt.  She is a very determined lady, with a very strong will and because of this she is a very good helper.

She is going to take a very active part in this Circle and much more than this, for you are going to experience a more physical phenomenon than you have ever done in your Circle before.  She is going to be the missing link, between us and that creation of power to bring about physical demonstration.  This is a little way down the road, but it is going to happen.  Our sister has first to overcome her grief, settle down in her new home and find herself.  Then we will be able to gradually bring into being those conditions that we need.  Quite contrary to what most people think about physical Circles, ours will be on a high level.  I am not going to say too much about this at this time except to say that we have already on one occasion, demonstrated something of that physical circle and how it is going to be run.   When it happened last time, none of you saw it, but you did capture it on film, even though a lot of you supposed it to be caused by the sunlight on the lens, but it wasn’t.  (Hafed is referring to a purple light which built over the face of our medium during one of his teachings).

The evidence for this is that it only happened once, though your camera had stood in the same place week after week, with the sunlight shining through the window and yet nothing like this had occurred before.  Therefore this must warrant some thought from you as to why it did not happen before or since.  It is the same sun that was shining through the window for most of your Saturdays, during summer when you met.  If you can see that physical manifestation, which is of a spiritual nature, you will have some idea of what we are trying to do – by allowing you to see spirit forms that build through the colours.  I have always said that the day is approaching when these things are ready to begin. You will notice it and will not have to wait for the camera to reveal them to you as you did before.

I know that many of you here would dearly like to see the Christmas tree for the spirit children that  we spoke about (Hafed is referring to a previous Christmas Circle when we were told that the Sanctuary was full of spirit children and they had their own Christmas tree).  Who is to say that this is not going to be also?  I would dearly like to see that come into being.  Not this year, not this Christmas, but let us put in an extra effort to try and bring it into being for next Christmas.  Where we can allow the spirit children to come, take the toys off the tree and play with them.

One of our aims is to bring you more in line with the knowledge that God exists.  I know that you would all say to me, “But I do believe!”  Yet not as firmly and solidly as you would think and we wish for it to be concrete, whereby you can say, “I know that God exists”.  By this method you will see and know what I mean.  It will inspire all of you to work with a great zeal to establish that truth in the minds of men.  Now you can see the other half of the story that is coming into being, of all those teachings that have been given to you over the years.

Did you think that they were yours alone?  Oh no!  You are those souls who are to make it all possible.  To create within your Circle, those conditions of love and unity that are essential for us to come and deliver to you.  There could have been no other way.  All of you carry these seeds in your minds.  Perhaps at times you are not aware of what you do carry, but all we have said has not just been spoken into the air.  It has found root in your minds and your souls.  It has elevated you to more spiritual souls than you were before.  More conscious of what you should be doing in your lives.

Consider all of this, for it is the framework which has been built over those years.  It is the framework that has been built in you to lay the foundation, which is to be raised up in truth.  Therefore the message that has gone forth and all the teachings that have been given have now got to be spread throughout the world.  Not just in this small island on which you live.  No, much further than this for in the world of today there are many souls who are looking for an answer.  They are goodly souls, who cannot come to terms with the present day religions and yet, dwelling inside them is an awareness that there is something greater.  There is a longing to have that fulfilled in their lives.  Where they will be able to know their God much more than they could ever come to understand in this life, through religions.

While in the beginning of all of this, things will seem to be a little confused and uncertain, you will find that little by little it will all unravel.  The means and the knowledge will all straighten themselves out and soon you will be inundated with a demand to know more.  With all of this, there is a building set aside, which will become your spiritual centre.  But it will not happen tomorrow or next month; it is a little way down the road. You are working towards it and there is much to be done and overcome before it can happen. But it will happen, if you are prepared to put your shoulders to the wheel and work for that single aim of bringing all this into being.

So, my children, as much as I would like to stay longer with you, I cannot.  I must not impose myself too much upon my son (our medium).  So I will take my leave and ask you to sit and ask for inspiration from those who come to you from my side of life.  Receive the blessings of Christ, receive the blessings of those who love you dearly, from our side of life and receive the love of your sister, who is here in a different body today.

From little acorns, mighty oaks are grown, but never overnight!

Farewell, farewell, God bless you all.

This spiritual development teaching is brought to you by Aquarius.

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