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Spiritual Development Teaching - FaithIn this spiritual development teaching from Aquarius, Hafed examines the importance of honesty in everything we do, because it is the spiritual quality that keeps us in tune with God.

He also explains what it means to be the Son or Daughter of God.

Hafed’s starts his spiritual development teaching:

Good afternoon and God bless you my children.

It was my intention to talk to you upon that teaching that you call The Reaper. Unfortunately I cannot do this because I cannot raise that spiritual level in my son (Douglas Arnold) that I require to be able to give you that in full.  However, I would like to talk to you on certain matters that I have previously spoken to you about.  Listen well, for it will provide guidance and strength for you on how to conduct your life.  It is good for you to be refreshed on these things from time to time, because often they become forgotten or misunderstood.  It could well be a very important part of your life, for you to listen and fully understand the meaning of what is being given.

I realise that many people in your world and especially in your religion, believe that Jesus was the Son of God like them, and God chose to speak to man through His mediumship.  But this is not fully true because while you may have a son born to you, you would not say that son was a man.  You realise that he will not be a man until he reaches the age of consent, when he takes on the responsibilities of manhood.  Of course the same thing applies to a daughter.  When a child reaches adulthood, it does not make them equal to their parents. Their father and their mother have given them life and will always be there to be respected.  Like the commandment says, “They shalt honour thy mother and thy father”.  In this way, you will always be that step down from your mother and your father, paying them the greater honour and respect.

As this is so in man’s family, so it is in God’s family.  You must reach the spiritual age of consent, before you will be the Son of God.  None of you will reach that age while you are here in life, it takes a long time and you have much further to go and much more to understand.  So you will see by this example that when Jesus came and lived among men He was already the Son of God, therefore there can be no comparison between you and Him.  You are as of yet, striving to become the children of light, which you must be before you can even become the sons and daughters of God.  You will have a long way to go, even when you have reached that mark of spirituality.

When you look around at your mediums, surely you cannot begin to make comparisons between what Jesus accomplished and what they are accomplishing.  Here was one who spoke with authority and his words were wonderful to listen to and opened out a new horizon to all people with his teachings.  His healing was by word of mouth and it was instant, there and then. Like when He called Lazarus from the dead, walked on water and bid the storm to cease.  All of these things make evident that Jesus was someone special.  Not an ordinary man, merely displaying mystic powers, but someone far more reachable than that.

Many would say to you, that His miracles are rather far fetched and are just stories to be told.  Of course if this is their belief they might just as well close the New Testament and say it didn’t happen.  They cannot take parts of that scripture away and a leave a blank page just because they do not believe in His miracles.  After all is said and done, were they there when the miracles happened?  No, and because man has grown so far away from that time, when those present in that day could see and believe, it doesn’t mean to say that they didn’t happen.  It just means to say that they have lost the knowledge that with God all things are possible.  Therefore we find something else that they don’t believe: they don’t believe that with God all things are possible.  If that is the case, are they not bringing God down to their level?  Are they not saying that God is only their equal?  They have made Jesus their equal (by thinking He was an ordinary medium) so why not God?

After all, did God make the universe?  Did God create life on Earth?  If He didn’t then who did?  Where did it all come from?  Where did you come from?  Can such people really exist that are totally blind to the wonders that God shows them each day?  You look at your scientists and hold them up in high esteem, “Look at what we have accomplished”.  What greater scientist is there than God?  Can any of your scientists create a body and bring it to life?  Can they make a little seed that turns into tree or a wonderful flower?  I do not think so, and that alone tells you just how far short man falls from being God.

You who sit here must take all these things to your heart and hold them firmly in your mind.  Be of strong faith, for this is the age when Satan walks among you and is deceiving men.  You can see it in all the miracles that he does.  The miracles of war, destruction, hatred, poverty, starvation and disease – these are his miracles.

So what do you require if you are going to serve your God?  It is obvious that you have to be armed with something.  I think it was the very first time we met together when I spoke about honesty.  Do you recall that?  I think it is a good time now to bring that back to your mind, for honesty is a spiritual power that keeps you in tune with your God.  It makes you aware of the things that you do wrong because honesty will prick your conscious.  I do not think I can put a greater importance on that word, on that wonderful spiritual gift of honesty.

It relates to you all the things that you must be yourself.  It is like the balm that binds you to those spiritual laws of God and the will of God.  I want to point out that you must be honest between one another. It is very important that you are all honest.  Unless you live your life aright, you can bring that dishonest and darker side of your nature into your Circle and this can most definitely affect each of you.  I have told you that for evil to enter the door only needs to be slightly open, though for the love of God to enter it needs to be put right back.  Honesty does not allow deceit or lies to enter your life.  It will not permit you to do anything that is outside of the law of God and all of you must remember this.  Your union with each other must be one of great love and if it isn’t then chaos will reign.

God cannot interfere with your free will.  If you choose to live by your will rather than His, then you can only break down the good that has been done by all of us from the spirit.  Therefore it needs you to think long and hard about honesty and how you must play your part with each other, in the work that you are to do.  It cannot be otherwise.  I am talking to all of you individually, so if there is anybody here thinking, “It doesn’t apply to me, it applies to others”, then be aware that you are doing the very thing I have told you not to do.  It applies to all of you.

I need help from all of you.  I need spiritual power to come forth from you in order to establish that power in this sanctuary.  I need it because my son (Douglas Arnold) cannot give it as once he did, because he is too low in himself.  Without that power he will go lower and I will not be able to reach him at all.  So I want you to be mindful of what I have told you.  If you are to become the servants of the Lord Jesus, then you need to be every bit of what you say you are.

Now I am going to leave you for I cannot use my son further today.  I would ask you to continue the Circle with your own guides and helpers to inspire you.

God bless you.

This spiritual development teaching is brought you by Aquarius Teachings.

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