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Spiritual Development Teaching - Golden AgeIn this spiritual development teaching Hafed compares a tiny seed which springs to life as a beautiful flower with the potential we have to grow spiritually.  The point being that nobody can predict what the seed will turn into just as no one can tell what spiritual works an individual is capable of accomplishing.

Hafed then reminds us that Jesus said “The meek will inherit the Earth” and it is also written in the time of Aquarius the children of light shall be born.  Both refer to the same time, when out of the womb of misery the children of light will be born – the meek.

But first a great upheaval must take place in the world.  There will be greater fear and destruction than ever before, from which the meek will emerge.  This is when Jesus will return and there will be great peace and harmony because man will follow God’s law and the Golden Age will be born.

Hafed starts his spiritual development teaching:

Good afternoon, God bless you, my children.

It is very pleasant to come together once again and sit in this atmosphere of peace and love; to see so many of you striving to understand what God is and who you are.

Since you have become more acquainted with your God, I suppose there are moments in your lives when you find it difficult to keep your feet upon the pathway that He has asked you to follow.  Difficult in the sense of being able to uphold and follow His laws and though maybe at times you break those laws in a small way, it still makes you feel a little sad or even hurt.  It is all to be expected and there is no shame in not being able to uphold those spiritual laws in your lives.  For the greater your striving, the better you will understand how best to pursue the way set before you and how to meet the challenge that comes from your lower self, which you often bow down before.

It is a challenge that comes from your weaker self and you know it to be wrong.  As I have said, there is no shame attached to this; the shame only comes if you do not try to overcome it.  For the more you gather the qualities of truth and love in your lives, the greater shall be your strength to meet the challenge each time it appears.  These things are with you for that very purpose, to teach you and to strengthen you, so you may come face to face with the reflection of the truth in you.  To allow you to decide, once and for all which way you are going to travel and whether it is with or against the wind.  For branches bend when the wind comes, else they will snap and so it is with you, my children.  You too must bend with the wind, else you will snap.  In you is growing a very delicate flower of faith and the storms of life that blow against it can be very damaging if you do not take care.

Many times we have told you of the different spiritual virtues that we are striving to raise up within you.  Not only are these going to change you, but will add to you the fabric of the spirit which will garb you in a new awareness of life.  It is written in your scriptures “I have cast you all in the same mould and that mould is in my likeness”, so God has made each and every one of us in His likeness.  Not in the likeness of physical flesh and bone, but fashioned us in the spirit that He is.  Jesus speaking to the woman at the well said “There comes a time when your Father and my Father no longer wishes for man to pray to Him in temples made with hands, but to pray to Him in spirit and in truth, for your heavenly Father is spirit’.

When you sit here you recognise one another by the way you look or by the name you have been given, but how do you see God and how do you see yourself?  There is no comparison you know, between the reflection of yourself in the mirror and the real you.  I will offer an example so you might begin to see something of what I mean.  If you hold a seed of a flower in the palm of your hand and look at it – such a tiny mite of a thing, it is almost impossible to realise that from such a tiny speck a flower will grow bearing the majesty of God in all its beauty.  It is designed in a special way that cannot in any way be imagined by looking at that tiny seed’s appearance.  Where does the power come from?  Where is the life that is in it?  It is almost by magic that these things happen.  The end product is a beautiful thing that has been raised up from Mother Earth by the power and grace of God.  The seed that you see is not the thing it is going to be, and that is like you who sit here now.  What you are now is not what you are going to be.  None of you can in any way realise what is going to transform from you having lived here in this world.  You cannot imagine what love and all those other spiritual values are going to transform you into, when they raise you up to your full and beautiful potential.

If you had never seen a flower before and somebody had placed a seed in your hand and tried to tell you what was going to become of it, it would be impossible to comprehend.  Even if you allowed your imagination to run wild you could never have captured the truth about that tiny seed because it was out of reach of your mind.  How then are you to see what is to become of you?  Is that not also light-years away from your thinking?  If all this is true, what about of God?  How do you measure, by the yard or foot of your mind, the substance and being of God who has created all these things?  There is no way that man, no matter how clever, could ever begin to have those thoughts and ideas fashioned in his mind as to what is to transform from you and what God has already transformed into.  It is beyond you, you could not begin to guess.  When it comes to unravelling the mysteries of life and the power locked up in a tiny seed, the scientist with all his knowledge and skills is totally lost.  For there is no way at all he could make a tiny seed such as this, least of all put within it the power to transform itself into a beautiful flower.

I tell you these things because I want you to capture the full image of those words and what they are trying to paint for you.  I realise how difficult this is, but hopefully I have given you some kind of a yardstick by which to measure yourself and what is to be; and of God which is far beyond the ability of your mind.

All these things are there to point man in the right direction.  To enable him to see and say to himself “I accept all these things” and yet he never gives a thought to how they come into being, or why.  Neither does he consider the greater and wiser power that is in existence, which has created and designed all these things.  In itself it is the evidence of God that cannot in any shape or form be disputed and yet it is hardly ever noticed.

In many ways nature teaches us many things.  It not only reveals the nature of God that is within, but also how we should be and how we are going to change.  It is in a way that you cannot see but nonetheless changing.  This is why I spoke to you in the beginning about facing up to the frailties within you.  You all have different frailties that you must strive to overcome.  Do not feed them by giving them pride of place in your life, but deny them with all the strength and energy that you can muster.  I realise that you cannot win every time, for the weaker man always falls to the stronger man, but we are not referring to physical strength, so that law can be reversed.  We are speaking of spiritual strength and that law can win for you every time.

Though you are blessed with many of God’s truths you are still blind to the things around you.  You have learned to see them in a different way from what they really are.  You miss the point that they are trying to reveal to you.  You are looking for contentment and happiness and yet keep running down the wrong path that leads only to your misery.  Time and time again you run down that road only to come to grief, until you learn.  You ask yourself “Has this not happened before?  Did I gain anything that I really wanted or did I lose sight of the things that were so precious to me?”  It has never been God’s will that His children should live in misery, poverty or disease.  It is always mans’ will through following the wrong laws of greed, jealousy and hatred that has set these things in motion.

It is written in the scriptures that the meek will inherit the Earth.  When you sit and think about that it looks impossible for where are the meek now?  How long is this going to take – forever?  It is greatly misunderstood for while the Earth is in its present condition the meek can never inherit it and this planet can never be as God wants it to be.  But those words were not said in vain for the mystery of them is like the flower and the seed.  It is hidden from your eyes, hidden from your mind.

It is also written that in the time of Aquarius the children of light shall be born.  If you link the two together we are speaking about the same thing.  We are speaking about the meek who will inherit the earth.  The children of light are not babies who are waiting to be born but are indeed those who are already living.

Through the wisdom and truth of God many have captured that meekness, that childlike manner.  The child, once again, that is totally unknown to you as you try to see and understand with your mind’s eye.  Even though that child has already begun to be born within you.  For out of the womb of misery will be born the children of light – the meek.

In the past I have told you about the change that is to come into the world.  I spoke to you first about the great upheaval that must take place in the world.  Out of this upheaval shall come forth the meek, for many of those who have been through wars, and experienced great terror and fear, are meek afterwards.

I know a lot of you are too young to have been through the last world war, but I am certain you heard from others about the great brotherhood among each nation who were at war with Germany.  There was a friendship that grew up between neighbours and those whom they did not know, which is not manifest in your world today.  They were all willing to help each other.  It was because of the calamity and the great fear that was there in the war days with the bombing.  Out of that evil they learned to reach into themselves and found a kind of comfort in companionship with each other – a kind of meekness is created.  Man runs amok with his instruments of destruction, tearing down peoples homes and lives and brings them to their knees in fear.  When they are able to raise their heads again, it is as one who is humble and thankful to God for bringing them through the night.

I have spoken of a time that is to be which is greater in fear and destruction than ever before.  Those who come out of all of that be the meek.  It has been said that the Lord Jesus will return again and so it shall be.  In that time, shall grow a great bond between all men, a great love shall enter their hearts and a great cry to their God for salvation.  It will be as in the very beginning of time when man lived in a state of being far removed from what you know now.  The wise ones called this period “The Golden Age”.   It is written that there is to be a thousand years of peace during this time.  This is the time of which I speak and it will be completely the reverse to the world you now know.  In that time the power locked up in a tiny seed of the flower and the trees, shall be let loose and the Earth will be filled with life again.

Man will be raised up as friend and neighbour and will know why they must walk according to the laws of God and not in accordance their own wants, desires and greed, which has brought the world to a near catastrophe of total destruction.  In that time they shall know these things and thank their God that they have been saved from them, for except it be for God no flesh could live on Earth.

A new kingdom will be raised up with a new order of life, a new law which will stand fast in the hearts and minds of man.  For the trees shall bear their fruit and man shall no longer sup at the table with meat, but will eat the fruits of the Earth.  The birds of the air will be truly free and fear nothing.  For no fear shall be in the hearts of all life in that time.  This is the time when the lion will lay down with the lamb and there shall be no anger between them.  Man shall not work for gain or for treasure.  Neither shall there be one man above another other, telling him what to do and where to go.

There shall be no Government, only the ruler in your heart, which will be God.  He shall come and dwell with His children, in their midst.  They will work for each other and not for themselves.  The kingdom that they build shall be blessed with peace, there shall be no more of the anguish that exists between man.  No more shall there be rape of children and taking of life for all of that will no longer exist.

No man shall say “This house is mine.  I own it” or “I will fence off this field and no man shall enter, because it is my land.”  All men will know that everything belongs to all; there is no one who owns more than another, because God has given it to all.  Man will not have to strive for food; neither shall he have contaminated land or water, for all will be sweet and life giving.

It will be a totally different world.   A world where neither the heat of summer, nor the harshness of winter shall cause you discomfort or pain.  Where disease will be banished never to return again.  All which is necessary for that better life shall be yours.  You will then know what freedom really is, for you will not be confined in one place, neither shall your mind be inhibited from reaching out and grasping greater truths than you have ever known before.  When a man takes a woman to be his wife, it truly will be for life.  Their love will be for always and their children shall be their blessing.  They shall raise them in the sight of their God according to how God has instructed.

There shall be no more death, as you know it.  For when death comes to you now your body is buried and those who love you are then separated from you, for your spirit can no longer be seen.  But in that life and time, because of the spiritual light that will emanate, the physical body as you now know it will take on a different softness and texture.  It will be one more in keeping with the spirit body.  One shall not die in the sense that I have just explained, but through their progression shall travel on to other parts of God’s kingdom, to that higher realm that they have reached and found.

But they will not leave behind grieving loved ones who shed tears because they yearn to be with and see them again.  For they will be able to be with them at any time and it will not be like now where they are separated because that the spirit is unseen.  They will be able to see and caress each other as always, because death as you know it shall no longer be possible.  Man will progress from this Earth and simply go on to a higher realm, returning whenever he wishes to see those he has left until it is their time to also journey on to that different sphere of life when their time comes.

My children, I have tried to paint the best picture I can of a way of life that is perhaps unbelievable to you.  I cannot in any way say that if you don’t believe it that I would be troubled in mind.  I can only say some of you here will witness that new world, others of you will not.  So time itself will reveal the truth to you and a realisation that there must come a time when all those things, which are promised, must come into being.

God bless you, farewell, farewell.

The spiritual development teaching ends

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