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Spiritual Development Teaching - God Has No ReligionIn this  spiritual development teaching Hafed describes the journey of the Magi and the wonderful scene that awaited them at the stable.

He explains how the story of the Magi has been misunderstood.  The popular belief is that God chose three kings to pay homage to the King of Heaven.  Yet this misses the most important factor; that they were foreigners with different faiths. The main purpose of choosing them was to make it clear that God has no religion and His Son was of no religion.

Hafed tells us that the great prophets and spiritual teachers never intended to create religions, because man uses religion to divide rather than unite.

Hafed’s spiritual development teaching begins:

I greet you beloved in the name of love and in the name of Him who I call Lord and Master.  Peace be with each and every one.

I want today to be a day of joy for you.  Let your hearts be lifted up and sense the spirit of Christ here amongst us.  As you know, it is written that unless you become as little children you cannot enter your Father’s house.  It is good then that I have little children gathered around me who have not learned the ways of the world, but the ways of the child.  A child seeks only for good and practices the love of God.

Over the course of time you and I have gathered together and little by little, we have risen up within you that spirit of Christ, that spirit of meekness, gentleness, love, humility, forgiveness, tolerance and understanding.  It has been a special weave, for that yarn has now been woven into your garb of humility.  Although some of you have yet to reach out and come to a greater and fuller understanding, you all do possess the child-like manner of which I speak.

It seems sad to me that I have to speak about a child that brought man so many gifts.  Not gifts of this world you understand, but gifts of the spirit. Enhancing man in the beauty that is God, opening his mind to a life that is far beyond the reach of this world and comforting them with that seed of truth which has born fruit within them.  I remember only too well that time when my companions and I were asked to go and pay homage to a child that had to be born.  The gold, frankincense and the myrrh were from spirit, for they were passed through the flame of light and we had no doubts in our minds as to the importance of the journey.  No doubts at all.

Though we had royal blood within us, if one can call it that, we saw our task as being one of great honour, for we knew this child was the Son of God.  We understood how very necessary His coming was at that time.  In all humility we began our journey, not feeling as if we were kings or princes of the realm, but feeling more like beggars going to pay homage to a great king who was far beyond us in every way.  So our journey began and we had many difficult experiences along the road, yet by the power and the grace of God we overcame the robbers, thieves and the wild beasts.  Eventually we found ourselves in that land where the star appeared in the sky.  Like magic, for that was the only way it could be described.

We followed that star and with each step our hearts became more joyful, for even we did not know the course of events that were to come forth from this young child.  Even we did not fully understand the path that He was going to lead man on.  We realised that such a soul as this had been prophesied to come, but what He was to do was something that we did not fully understand.  We could never have foreseen the events leading up to this great occasion and it left us filled with a great wonder in our minds.

Who was this young child that God could have chosen us, who were not of His people or of His faith, to pay homage to His Son.  Who was this young child that a star was born to guide our way?  How could such a thing be done and yet it was indeed.  As it is written, so it was.  Who was this young child that the angels of Heaven should come and sing about His glory?  “Fear not, for in Bethlehem this day is born a young Saviour.”  Peace on Earth and good will towards all men was His message.  Who was He then, that He should be held in such high regard?

We pondered these questions as we approached the stable where He lay.  Needless to say, it was of some concern to us that all these wondrous things had been accomplished and yet here in a stable was born one of the highest in all the realms of Heaven.  When we entered we realised that there was something very different about all of this.  It was like taking a step into wonderland.  It was filled with a kind of magic that puzzled the mind.

There was a great quietness that filled the air with such a noise.  That seems to be a contradiction in terms, but it was so.  There was a peace that hung all around and a light that seemed to shine out of the crib where the child lay.  His mother and His father were equally as puzzled as to why all these things had been done and why we of all people, should have been called to come and worship Him.

Many who have read this story believe that it was that God had chosen three kings to come and pay homage to His son who was the King of Heaven, but they missed the most important thing.  They missed that truth which God was trying to reveal to man – that God had no religion.  He had no religion to give to man and that His Son was of no religion, but the Son of God who had come to bring a greater truth than they had ever known before.

All through the history of man religions have been raised up, such as Buddhism, Hinduism, the Jewish faith, Islam and Christendom.  All of them have had great prophets and teachers who have come, but their purpose was not to bring into being a religion, as such.  Religion has only divided man against each other and has not set him free, as the truth was supposed to do.

Rather the messages of the prophets were meant to guide man along the pathway of life.  Revealing to him that through peace, love and by living in harmony with his brother, he would find the life of joy, happiness and fulfillment that he seeks.  In the knowledge that God is his creator and his Father and that we are all bound together in the family of God.  This is what we are, we are all the family of God.

When you look at all these various teachings you will discover that it is man who has added and taken away and built walls around the truth that God has given in the simplest form.  This was never God’s intention, hence the reason why we found ourselves in the stable where Christ was born.  Hence the reason why we were not of His religion or His race and yet came to pay homage.

When Jesus grew up it was very apparent that His teaching was going to be different from the one His parents knew when they were children.  It was a teaching with a great light and all who looked upon it with a sincere heart would come to see what was being said.  Many thought that He was going to be a great military leader; a General to chase away the Romans from their country and were bitterly disappointed.  Instead He came with a great truth, which was simple and yet beautiful to behold.

It was a truth that was of a different value to all that been given before. It was based on spiritual value, not on earthly value and because of this so many could not understand and turned away from Him.  They said He was a madman and asked who had given Him the authority to make new commandments, as indeed He did?  “Hither to, you have heard an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”, which was the old Mosaic Law.  “Yet a new commandment I give unto you, that you love one another even as I have loved you”.

All His teachings were based on love and forgiveness, even to the adulteress who was going to be stoned.  In their law, they should have stoned her, but in the compassionate heart of Jesus, with a few simple words He prevented them from doing that.  He said to them, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” and they could not find one who had not sinned.

“Woman, where art thy accusers?”

“There are none Lord, they have gone”

“Then neither do I accuse you, go your way and sin no more.”

Many times He would say, “Go your way and sin no more”.  To sin was to live outside of the Law of God and from it would only come hardship and suffering.  This is why He told them to sin no more.

He tried to teach them about the values of spirit and the love of God.  He told them, “Two sparrows are bought in the market place for a farthing, yet one will not fall to earth except your Father will know.  And you, my children, are worth more than many sparrows”.  What a beautiful way to try to show people how much God loved them, but they did not understand.  Perhaps it would have been better had He said to them they were worth more than all the gold, silver and precious jewels in the King’s palace.  Then, maybe they could have seen what a great love God had for them.  But it was a new set of values that He was trying to give them, for He had already said, “What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his very own soul?”  Meaning to say, that the whole world (lock, stock and barrel) was not worth the soul of a man.

So how could He tell them that God loved them more than all the precious jewels in the King’s palace, which were worthless in comparison?  What they did not realise, was that the little sparrow was worth more than the whole world (lock, stock and barrel).  Worth more because it is divine, created by God to beautify the world in which man lives.  You are worth more than many sparrows.  So consider the sum that you are worth, not in gold or silver, but in the value of many sparrows.

In all of this you could begin to see a teaching that was evolving which was totally different to anything else that man had been previously shown and taught to understand.  Can you understand the difficulty of those who lived in that time in trying to comprehend what He had said?  Let alone the healing of the sick, raising of the dead, walking on water and commanding the storm to cease.  Such things were beyond their understanding and many of them were frightened because He exercised a power that they had never known before.  You can understand why He had many enemies in the church at that time.  If they allowed this man to continue, they would surely lose all their power and this prospect did not sit very well with them.

Into the temple He turned out all the moneychangers and those who sold and bartered.  He said “My Father’s house should be called a house of prayer and you have turned it into a den of thieves”.  They did not like that either, because they (the religious authorities) made their share from the business transactions that were going on there.  So they plotted against Him and took His life by crucifying Him.  There were many enemies of Jesus and His followers during the course of His life and after His death.

If you ever read the Dead Sea Scrolls, you will realise how bitter they were against Jesus and Paul.  You will see how they tried through their lies and their hatred to bring His works to nothing.  Anyone who reads them and believes such things took place could never have read His great works described in the Scriptures.  Never in those Dead Sea Scrolls will you find works and teachings that are equal to His.  He was the Master, as it is written and this was the good news that went forth through many lands, after His crucifixion.

I know of no other man and no other prophet whose works and words are still as relevant in this day and time.  All those years ago and they hold true today for you, to listen and weigh up the great truth which is there.  You must become established in that truth and turn away from the worldly things and the troubles of the world.  Try, with a loving heart, to bring that light of that truth to mankind here and now.  It is very difficult, my children.  I tell you, it will never be easy, but you are not trying to capture the hearts and minds of all men – not even Jesus could do that.  But you are trying to serve those who are looking for the truth.  Who find a great restlessness within their souls and yet do not know what it is.  By bringing that truth to them you can make their lives positive and enrich them with the wealth and the treasure that God has given to you.

With this, my children, I will leave you and say, farewell, farewell.

This spiritual development teaching is brought to you by Aquarius Teachings.

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