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Spiritual Development Teaching - Hafed Christmas MessageThis is a special Christmas spiritual development teaching in which Hafed compares the time of Jesus with our own.  He tells us that Father Christmas has stolen Jesus’s birthright.

He tells us we can never be truly happy and find peace of mind when we follow a materialistic path, because we separate ourselves from God.

He also shows us a way to measure our spiritual progress and tells us the approach roads to Heaven can be used to continue our spiritual development.

Hafed’s spiritual development teaching commences:

I greet you beloved in the name of love and in the name of him whom I call Lord and Master.  Peace be with you.

Always on these days, we find great joy in being able to come among you in this sweet way.  Feeling the love and excitement that comes from you stimulates us to draw ever closer to you.

For we come with the Master’s love and the Master’s blessing for all of you.  Realising that Christmas draws ever near we would try to bring a few words to enlighten you as to the coming of Jesus and all that he endeavoured to fulfill in his life.  We would like to compare the present day with the time of Jesus so we may fix in our minds the two pictures of what man holds true today and that which he held true in yesteryear.

My children, I want you to imagine a certain night many years ago, where the very air itself was filled with a kind of stillness that set the heart aflame with expectations.  I want you to see a bright star as it hung in the sky over a stable, a very unimportant place where you would think to yourself “No king could ever be born there.”  Yet on this wondrous night was born the child Jesus (the Emmanuel) just as had been promised hundreds of years before.  That night was not without merriment, joy and peace for these were the gifts of the spirit given to man at that location.  A great joy filled the hearts of all, both rich and poor, both mighty and lowly.

The angels gathered around the shepherds on the hillside and through this stillness of the night, that seemed to crackle with excitement, sung “Peace on Earth and goodwill towards all men.”  I want you to see all of this as being the priceless gifts given to man by God.  They could not be bought anywhere in your world, regardless of how much money was paid or offered, they were priceless.  For these gifts stilled the angry mind and healed sad and suffering hearts.  They brought to them a way of life that was so much better than they had; perfection in joy and peace.  “Peace on Earth, goodwill towards all men.”

Over the course of time, down to your present age, the birthright of Jesus seems to have been stolen by this man Father Christmas.  In place of those spiritual gifts, which if man would still seek for he would find, have been put the treasures that man himself looks for and desires; all of which are of an earthly nature and pamper his vanity.

We have heard in the prayer earlier, regarding the children of the Earth and how there will be some with sad faces this Christmas.  Fear not for them my brethren, they will not be as sad as maybe you imagine.  We have heard that perhaps miracles will occur and I have no doubts that will happen, but not in the way you suppose.  For God has no presents for man of an earthly nature, for to give him these would be to rob him of the finer gifts which enhance his spirituality.  On the contrary we have no tears for those who are poor and perhaps will be without, but sadness we have for those who will have been given far too much.  Hence their values will be out of proportion with the reality of what Christ Jesus came to show; those values of the spirit and of the soul.  Not to add to the greed of man but to add to the goodwill towards all men through peace, forgiveness and love.  That merriment which was experienced all that time ago, took place in the hearts and minds of men who linked with those heavenly beings to be filled with the presence of Christ.

In this day and time Father Christmas leaves upon your trees nothing which can be compared to that.  For mans’ search for merriment very often leads him to tears, it leads him to the place where his joy is overtaken by his drinking and his actions lead to marriage breakdowns and little children with heartaches because of it all.

If you look you can see the two different values, one that comes from your God and is of Heaven and the other born out of the carnal thoughts and desires of man, which do not provide him with true happiness.  Man seeks those kinds of pleasures that will cause pain, out of his boredom, because he has need of somewhere to go and something to do.

Yet in reality those very things, which he seeks to release himself from boredom, actually create it.  Create that depression, which comes after that kind of excitement.  So do not partake of that kind of bread my children.  For while it is on your tongue it may taste well, but when it is in your stomach it will cause all kinds of pains.  Look towards that which was heard and felt on the rejoicing of Christmas night, when the young saviour was born among us.  Look at what he was to tell us and fill us with: words of great price, bread from Heaven.

Many of you may think that the spirit world itself is the Kingdom of Heaven, but it is not.  Many places in the spirit world are far from being near to Heaven, but are filled with the shame, bitterness and darkness of man through the works he has created in his life.  In that place there is no law or order of things, rather man is an individual wandering from place to place.

The approach roads to God are those in the spheres that lie ahead.  The approach roads to Heaven, that city which has foundation whose maker and builder is God, is where we are leading you.  We give to you words that are filled with light and purpose and destine you to walk the road, which will be one of great joy in the end.

You can only fool yourself my children, you cannot fool God, if you try to hide the real cloak that you wear.  Do not try to deceive others that you wear something brighter, the deceit is for yourselves and no one else.  I suppose it has never crossed your minds as to ask how you stand on the ladder of progression.  Can any of you here tell me this?

Various answers from the group:

  • By the values we hold.
  • How well we cope with our lives.
  • I think it’s the feeling of inner peace.
  • Through the feeling of love.
  • I think it’s the faith within oneself, when you look how you were before and how you are now.


Yes that is a true reflection in many ways but there is one more certain way, which cannot in any way be hidden from you.  Can be hidden from others, but can never be hidden from you.  My children, if you wish to know, I will tell you.

When you have dealings in your world with various other people, perhaps there are times when things go wrong for you, maybe someone will say something out of place.  If you can ignore that and you do not feel resentment, the desire to answer back or retaliate, then you can say you have passed that stage in your progression where such matters affect you; you are beyond that.  But look for the time when suddenly something may happen and though you may not speak your inner feelings, you feel hurt and bitter.  When you feel resentment then know it is the limit of your progression, you have not gone beyond that point.  Do you understand me?  It is a more direct way of knowing, a way you yourselves can see and understand.

Also realise this, as you go on along that road, you will begin to sense and feel the spiritual truths that are born in you.  You will begin to see and understand those truths in far greater detail than you do now.  Yet it does not mean to say that truth is part of you just because you can see it or want the truth to be a part of you.  It must be that you live that truth and the truth is you, it must become woven into the garb that you wear.  So my children, you begin to understand that what you are, you remain.

You listen to me and hear the truths I have given and you are striving to live according to them, which is something you must always do.  But there may be times in your life, which cause you to feel a little resentful, because the root of that real truth is not within you.  So spiritually, you cannot be greater than what you are.  The spiritual essence of your progression has reached a set point, which you cannot travel beyond, because you do not have that ability within you at that point in time.  But you must always strive to go that next step further.  For resentment of any kind is wrong because you are not living according to the laws of God, neither are you finding within you that great peace towards all men.

You are all at different levels of that progression and only you know how deep it is within you.  No one can change you.  You can only change yourself by seeing the reality of the truth in the words you have been given and thus striving to overcome that darkness within you, to make it into light.  This is why when you pass into the world of spirit you have that approach road, which I mentioned earlier.  It is your opportunity to develop your soul in that greater spiritual light and fulfillment of understanding, according to what God has placed within you.  Little by little you travel along that road back to the city (Heaven) that has foundation whose maker and builder is God.

So you see my children, Christmas is not always what you think and not always what you see, for there are many people in your world who fear Christmas because of what it will bring.  For there may be those in the family who cannot behave themselves, who have no control over their lives and cannot set themselves free from obsessions, be it women, money, drink or drugs.  Any of those things which belong to the weaker man inflict fear on their loved ones.

It is not just where husband and wife are concerned, it is also where their children are concerned, for they indeed grow up in very strange times which offer to them the destroyer of their souls, hearts and minds.  This is because spiritual values have never been indoctrinated in them as they grow up.

They have never been brought before their God and set that standard of being in motion in their lives.  Their mothers and fathers react to each other in front of their children with upsetting words, but the children listen and think it is all part of life and use those words that are foul in every sense.

They are allowed to watch all kinds of violent and sexual scenes, which are all on the perimeter of hell, make no mistake about that.  They are not in accord with the law of God.  When you truly think about it you must be able to see how these things bring only corruption and destroy any chance you may have of happiness because they are motivated by the forces of evil, not the forces of good.  They are against all that Jesus brought and showed man.

It is our hope that you may go forward and teach man of these things in times to come.  Not all of you, but there are hopes for most.  But if you cannot do these things yourselves, if you cannot be who you say you are, then there is no hope that you will begin to show these truths to others.  For you will be known by your fruits and if your fruits are evil, then so will you be – corrupt.  If your fruits are sweet and good then so shall you be – spiritually alight with promise.

We who congregate here from the realms of light this Christmas, wish to impart to you a gift of the spirit.  It is the same gift that was given to me and many others in that time when the Lord Jesus was born, for I was privileged to be present on that occasion.  That gift you will not purchase anywhere in this world for it is beyond price.  It is the gift of peace.  Settle it in your heart, and go with that great joy and those good tidings of peace on Earth and goodwill towards all men.  Such things can never come until man has them in his heart.  We give them to you this Christmas as your spiritual gift and it is for you to take or leave as you see fit.  Remember you will find no greater gift this Christmas than the one we have given you for it is the bread of life and comes from the Lord’s table.  If you receive it, it can establish itself in your hearts for all of time and bring to you the magic of God, which you have all yet to experience.  When you do my children, you will understand why on our side of life there is nothing like the boredom that you experience in your lives here.

So with these words I will leave you and hope you have been able to drink the elixir of life that we have given you, may it fill your being with its joy.

Good afternoon – farewell, farewell.

Hafed’s spiritual development teaching finishes.


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