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Spiritual Development Teaching - FaithIn this spiritual development teaching Hafed challenges how much we believe in God.

He reminds us that Jesus said if we had faith the size of a mustard seed we would be able to tell a mountain to be cast into the sea and it would obey.

He asks why we are unable to do this if our faith is so strong?  Hafed explains that our soul first needs to exude those special spiritual qualities of meekness, gentleness, love, humility, forgiveness and understanding.

Hafed starts his spiritual development teaching:

Good afternoon, my children.

I greet you in the name of love and in the name of Him who I call Lord and Master.  Peace be with each and every one of you.

It is always our privilege to come and address you in this sweet way for I come not on my own, but travel with many other dear souls who join us here on your behalf.  During the course of our time together they may draw near to you and open your minds so you may understand to some degree the lesson in hand.

Today my children, I want to continue in that phase of the higher awareness that we have begun: a new set of values.  For there is so much in your scriptures which man does not fully understand, indeed he can never understand until he begins to hear the truth from the teachers in spirit.  They alone have the new key to open out greater depths of feeling and vision for him.

We have talked about faith on many occasions and I wonder at times whether you truly understand about faith and what faith is.  To many it is a belief in God and of course I suppose this is fundamentally true, yet it is so much more than just that.  Jesus asks “What is faith?”  and says if you had faith such as a mustard seed, you could tell the mountain to be cast into the sea and it would obey you.   Surely those of you who believe you have faith must realise that there is so much more to the quality of faith spoken of by Jesus, than the quality of faith that you possess today.

Many people say they believe in God, yet spend their lives doing everything that is against God.  Many people say they believe in God and have faith, but when trouble comes knocking on their door, their faith flies out the window.  Soon they find the God they had such faith in doesn’t exist, for how could he allow these things to happen to them?

Faith then is something more than that quality which they hold.  Faith must endure against the storms of life and hold you in a stable position where you may still say “I believe in God”.  To achieve that special quality of faith, the knowledge of God must be deep within you.  It cannot just  be there because you want it to be true, for that is not good enough.  For the statement ‘I believe in God’ raises questions such as how deep is that belief and how strong is that faith.  It usually depends upon whether the sun is shining in that person’s life or whether it is stormy.  When they are put to the test God seems to fly from them and they either accuse or deny Him.

Those of you who go a step further and can honestly say “I don’t only have faith in God, I know that there is a God”, hold a much stronger belief.  It is a belief that cannot be shaken, regardless of what kind of troubles may come your way.  Even if you feel hurt and think that God has forsaken you, you can never say “God does not exist.”  Once you know that God does exist, then you can never again disbelieve that He is God, creator of all life.  This is the next step forward bringing you to that standard or strength whereby you cannot in any way disprove God, or say He doesn’t exist.

None of these qualities of faith will allow you to cast the mountain into the sea.  Do we say then, that the words of Jesus are false?  That it cannot be?  Or do we say that there is another step forward to a greater faith than we have now?  Faith is a quality, a substance, a knowing and it holds you in good stead in life.  We know all of this, so what is missing from the faith we possess?  There is a gulf between the quality of faith that you possess and the quality of faith that Jesus speaks of.  You must bridge that gulf with other qualities of the spirit as you go through your life, day by day.

The two faiths are not of the same standard.  For example, you would not expect imitation silk to be the same price as real silk.  That is the difference between the two faiths – the one that Jesus speaks of and the one that you have, which is inferior.  It has to be strengthened – not with more belief, for if you already know that God exists then you cannot strengthen it more than that.  It needs to have within its fold, other qualities of the soul.  They are the spiritual qualities of meekness and gentleness, love and humility, forgiveness and understanding.  Each one of them is a spiritual quality, a substance.  They are going to build your bridge to span across from one faith to the other.  They are going to bring you that point where you are no longer the children of God, but the sons and daughters of God.   These are the other spiritual qualities that you must build within your souls and raise them up so you become complete.  If you look at these qualities you will discover that each one of them is of a creative nature.  They have the power to create.

If you think about the virtue humility which comes to you and makes you less high minded, less of a bragger, more sincere, more humble.  It is a strong quality, for no one can serve God unless they are humble.  It is a fundamental strength you need in order to build the foundation of the soul that is to become the son and daughter of God.  If you look at the quality of forgiveness, here again is another creative energy for good, which enriches your soul and brings to you that greater awareness of who you are.  Look at love, another creative energy.  It brings happiness and joy into your life and the lives of others.  None of these qualities I have mentioned have a destructive element in them.

All of these are the qualities you need in order to grow and span the gulf that lies between you and those sons and daughters of God, where you will have that faith such as a mustard seed.  When you have accomplished all these things, when you have received these spiritual gifts to the degree that they are constantly with you, they are your armour against the frailties and temptations of life.  They rid you of all thoughts of a destructive nature.  Thoughts which are not necessarily evil but are not good, where you think and speak wrongly about others without really knowing, because you feel a little spiteful or jealous towards them.  If those same qualities of love, humility and understanding are in you, you cannot have those frailties of spitefulness, jealousy and hatred.  They would have long gone.

So you see that there is a vast challenge that lies before you all.  The more you become aware of these things and open yourself out to learning about them, then the wiser are and the greater your gifts, until you reach that point where miracles are possible through you.  You are then capable of allowing the God creative spirit to flow through you and do whatever is necessary.  If you lay your hands on a sick person now to give them healing their illness will hopefully respond, but if instant healing (miracles) are sought then it has to be with that flow of God-power, through you.  This can only be done when those other spiritual flowers have been raised up in your mind and heart.  You must be capable of putting them to use and letting yourselves be used by the holy power of God, which cannot flow through an imperfect instrument.  It just cannot be done.  It would be like trying to get a light from your electricity system without using a bulb.  The power would flow as far as it could but would then stop.

This is where the pitfalls begin and where the struggle lies.  Your physical nature fights against the spiritual nature, which is the real you.  There is a constant struggle, because one is yearning for the worldly things and the other for spiritual things, depending upon your nature.  You are here to rise above and overcome that physical nature.  It is no good saying “The struggle is too great for me, I cannot do it.”  You can.  You see, this is the awakening that comes when you have built your bridge across the gulf that lies between your strength of faith now and the faith that Jesus spoke about.

It is the awakening of you so you will no longer say “It can’t be done, I can’t do it”, because you will know within you that you can do it.  Being ever conscious that you must motivate events with the power of your mind.   Because your mind has been allowed to grow in that spiritual way which holds that creative energy, you must put it to use.  Don’t say or even think that it cannot be done, for to do this is to say that God can’t do it.  The power that you seek comes from God, not you.  In as much as you are asking God to do this, you are now aware and conscious of the role you are to play if God is to be able to do it by allowing His power to be channelled through you.

When Jesus performed his miracles and did such things as walking on water and producing food from out of nowhere, it was done by the power of God flowing through him.  It was the manipulation of the conditions around Him to bend them to the will of God.  Can you imagine walking on water?  Can you see how it could be done?  Of course you can’t because it is beyond you to even understand it.  Yet it was done by the right strength of thought, by believing that with God all things are possible and allowing His power, that creative energy, to change the laws of physical nature on Earth to the will of God.  Many, many time that is done.

You see it in instant healing, where those who are pronounced beyond help by the medical profession, suddenly rise up and are made whole.  They are so, because the very conditions of that illness have been changed by the power of creative energy of life, to renew those parts which were diseased.  These are the things that you must keep in your minds as you are approaching those qualities of meekness, gentleness, love and understanding.  It is these qualities that blend the forces of nature to the forces of God to make miracles happen.  You don’t have to understand how it is done.  You just need to have the ability to say that it can happen.

I said earlier that you have to know God exists with an absolute certainty, with no shadow of doubt in your mind at all.  This then is the same strength of mind and energy that you must feel when asking for a miracle to occur.

You must be able to see and develop that spiritual eye which allows you to see and change the bodily condition in your mind’s eye.  Changing and curing an ailing body by pushing away the disease or affliction.

We want you to have growing certainty, without doubt, that God is able to do this.  When you are healing a condition of the body, to lay your hands upon them and know that you are taking away that condition.  The power of God has the ability to dematerialise any forms of disease, like cancer or even AIDS.  There is nothing that cannot be taken away by that energy of God.  This is the belief that you must have and it must be so strong that no doubts whatsoever can come into your mind and suggest other things.  Thoughts like “It can be done, but I am not good enough”, must be banished for they are weaknesses which stop God’s power being channelled through you.  It can be done because it is God who is doing it, not you.  It matters little what you can do.

These are the gifts of the spirit that you are growing towards and becoming aware of.  The more you strive to achieve one of these gifts, the nearer you become to the realisation of all that I have been saying, where all things are possible.  All things are possible! So day by day, as you go about your lives there are tests placed in your way.  You may use your understanding, and the degree of the spiritual gift to it’s fullness, or fail, according to your mind and your light of spirit.

You must take greater notice of what you think, what you say and how you act.  For the subject we speak of now is not to be treated lightly.  It is the fulfilment that you are seeking for, not only coming closer to God, but by knowing who you are and performing the works of God, that they might br performed through you by the grace of His holy spirit.

We must start by looking and challenging what we have done and said during the course of the day.  Have we acted in a spiritual manner that God expects of us or have we said or done for our own selfish reasons?  Some of the time you will be sure.  Much of the time you will not know, but will come to know, through the constant challenge of life.  Each time you will see more clearly and understand in a more perfect way, so that you may say to yourselves “Yes, I did that for the right reasons.”   Little by little, you will find that the understanding of these things is clearer within you.  You will be able to speak on topics in a way that you could never do before, because they are in your mind and they have found words.  It will bring you a little closer to the other side of that gulf which you are trying to span.

So my children, I want you to think about those things, for each day that goes by does not return and each lost opportunity is gone forever and cannot be repeated.  You are the master creator of your own life, and the energies and the forces you use are of your choosing, out of your free will.  So choose wisely and consider well what energy you will apply.  Will it be one of a creative nature, or will it be one of a destructive nature?  These are the things that you must segregate and use.

We all know which ones we should use for the best, but very often we find ourselves doing the reverse thing, by carrying out our will at the expense of God’s will.  This is not generating anything of any real value within you.

Have you any questions that you would like to ask?  For I know how difficult it was for me to explain it and if there are things that you do not understand, I perhaps can help you with them now.


Are you saying that because conditions were not as coarse years ago as they are now, that we are all less spiritual at this time?


No, I am not saying this that at all.  I am saying that although your conditions now are more difficult and more course, that is not the reason why you have this obstacle of trying to find how to become more spiritual.  They were no more spiritual in those days than you are now.

Question from group member:

I don’t understand what the obstacle is now compared to then.


The obstacle is the same; it was never any different.


I found difficulty linking last week’s lesson to what you have given us today.  I thought we were talking about it being different in those days.


Only different in as much as in those days the Earth wasn’t polluted.  The minds of men were not so polluted and this is the difference between the two worlds.  Of course at that time they led simpler lives. They did not have the advancements of science that you have today, but neither did they have the pollution that you have today.  Those advancements have changed the thinking and beliefs of man, regarding God and life after death.  Does that suffice as an answer for you?

Comment fom Group member:

Yes, I think I was mixing it up with the talk on healing, when we discussed why it is different today to the way it was then.


Are you referring to the miracles that happened years ago?

Group member:



That is right.  You see, if you look at those miracles that happened, you must ask yourself  “Who did they happen through?”  Do you understand me?  They were God’s servants, they were prophets and holy men and of course, there was Jesus himself, who was the greatest healer the world has ever known.

Question from group member:

Are we too polluted now to have people of that spiritual calibre?


No you are not, you are indeed all growing towards that end, but it is what you must learn.  It cannot be given to you, it just doesn’t happen like that.  It is what is in you, what type of person you are, how much light and love you have within you.  These are the things that matter.

Question from group member:

If we have prophets today, as they had in those days, perhaps it would turn the world around?


It never did so in their day and I have no doubt that it wouldn’t in this day.  If the Lord Jesus were to appear on the streets of London today, preaching and healing, He would come to the same end.  They would be trying to put Him in a mad house.  Or those who saw him as a friend would try to push Him towards the kind of life that they have, where greed, position and money are concerned.  They would surely try to put an end to Him.  I don’t think they would be any more prepared to stay, listen, learn and change.  I think it would be the same.

Question from group member:

Are there people walking the Earth today who have reached that perfect state?


The son of God?  To be the son of God – yes there are those on Earth, but they do not advertise the fact, for they have other things to do and it is not yet the will of God to use them in that way.

Question from group member:

They are biding their time?


Biding their time is perhaps wrong for they are doing the work that they are here to do.  A work that man cannot understand, by dispersing bands of evil and bringing light to those places that are caught up in darkness through the power of evil.  Except that they should do this then little by little the evil and darkness would grow and spread across the entire world you live in.  It would envelop every mind and every heart and you would all become as violent and sick as the next man.  Indeed, it would put an end to free will for there would be no spiritual progression and that is what free will is really there for, to allow you to progress.  You understand me?

Comment from group member:

Yes, you’ve made it very clear, thankyou.


Does anyone else wish to ask a question?

Comment from group member:

It seems to me that the greatest thing we must grasp is the power of love.  We must love at all times.


That is right, but it is not just a question of knowing that love exists.  We must use and become part of it because love is an energy for good.  It is a creative energy so all things around you will be created in the same mould of love and bring peace and joy not only to you but to those who link with you.  It is a God power and if you can grasp that my son and put it to use, you are a long way indeed towards the fulfilment of becoming the son of God.

How do you balance what we are seeking, which is a road to perfection in a materialistic world? Surely we are constantly contaminated by materialism?

Yes you are constantly contaminated with it, but what you must do is strike a balance.  You know what is right and you know what is wrong and you must also realise how far you are willing to go down the wrong road, as very often your work and life require you to do.  When you reach that point, you must decide which way you are going to go and it is your decision.  This is really what we have been talking about, when we spoke to you about those spiritual qualities that you are to win and the ones that you cannot win by continuing to exercise the materialistic law that is doing or bringing injustice to others around you.

I never said it would be an easy road, I have always said it is very hard.  I have always said that you would have questions and decisions to make that are not going to be easy.  Perhaps now you can realise how far this polluted world has gone, for it is not just polluted with chemicals and radiation, but it is also polluted where thinking and greed are concerned.   This is what I mean when I say it depends on how far along that road you are prepared to go.  What you must eventually do is to stop and ask, “Do I follow my Father and exercise His laws or do I follow those who are my superiors and exercise their laws?”  The answer for you must be that when they make the change called death, they are going to have to pay the full price and if you are tarred with the same brush, you too will have to pay in the full price.

This is where the conflicting thoughts arise.  Your earthly life is bound up with the substance of materialism, which provides you with a higher standard of living.  You cannot see how to reject it even though it is against your Father’s will.  Because to reject it and walk in his light and in his love, often means that your standard of living will fall.  Yet what would have been given to you is that spiritual quality which is worth more than anything you can have in the world at large and puts you one step nearer to bridging that gulf.  This is always the question that stands before all of you.

Suppose you are hungry, have no money and times have been hard and you see someone drop a purse.  You pick it up and it is filled with money.  What do you do?  Do you say my needs are greater, or do you run after the person and give it back?  These are the challenges that are there and will be there in many different ways that are not so clear cut.  Perhaps in ways that you can ease your mind by excusing yourself on other conditions or reasons and believing that you are in the right.

So, you see, as you go through life you are called to face many problems.  God has not called you together to do the will of Satan, because Satan is very devious and he always challenges by playing on your weaknesses.  God has called you together that you may be strong, find His love and seek to fill the minds of men and women with His laws and with His love, so justice may prevail

This my children is what you are involved in, make no mistake, and you will come to see and understand this more clearly as the years roll by and as you progress and go forth to do his work on that path of service.

You will do that.  Patience is what you need, so I will bid you farewell and God bless each one of you and hopefully we have dropped a few seeds in your mind that will take root, spring up and make you more in the likeness of God’s Son.

Farewell, Farewell.

End of spiritual development teaching.

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