Spiritual Development Teaching | Discipline And Freedom

Spiritual Development Teaching - Discipline and FreedomThis spiritual development teaching is described by Hafed as one of the most important he has given us.

He reveals a blueprint for overcoming human frailties, temptations and obsessions, which hold us prisoner and retard our spiritual development.

Hafed commences his spiritual teaching:

I greet you dear children in the name of love and in the name of Him who I call Lord and Master.  Peace be with each and every one of you.

We have for some weeks now been inscribing the law of God on the tablet of your heart.  Whether you know or fully understand what those laws are doesn’t matter at this point in time.  For eventually all will be made known and you will be able to stand fast when others might try to take away that law which is in your heart.

I want you all to be very attentive to me and the words I give you this afternoon, for perhaps it is going to be the most important New Set of Values teaching you are to receive.  For I tell you that unless you can abide by the new values, you cannot progress, not even one inch.

I have heard our brother Michael saying that he doesn’t know what direction the Circle is taking.  The direction my son is perhaps not for you to understand for we have pledged to do the will of God here, therefore, it is his direction we must follow when it is given.  At the moment you are all likened to young children still suckling at their mother’s breast.  We have greater things to show you and stronger meat for you to eat, but we must first cradle you well and take you out of the nursery, when you can stand upon your own two feet.

Without further to do, I must go back over the course of the last few weeks, which you listened to and hopefully learned something from.  I realise in many ways they have been disjointed in your mind, you not being able to piece them together, to see where they lead or exactly what they are teaching you.  So I will refresh your mind before we go into the next stage of our discussions.

Can any of you remember the very first time we came together?  Can any of you remember what it was I said to you that was so important for you to take the first step towards God?

Answer from group member:



That is so, honesty and it is not a word to be treated lightly.  In every aspect of your life the power of honesty is going to help you overcome many things.   At that same meeting I also introduced you to someone; can you remember who that was?

Answer from group member:

We introduced ourselves to God.


Yes you are right, it is good you remember and even better for those who put it to use.  It will serve you no purpose unless you do, for these things are your servants in the capacity of spiritual growth.

After this I spoke to you about the way Jesus described to those about him, how much God loved them.  I told you he could not in any way use Earthly terms, or the wealth of kings to measure the love of God for his children.  So he chose the humble sparrow and said to them that they were worth more than many sparrows.  I then showed you how the same sparrow was worth more than the whole world (lock, stock and barrel) because all living things such as trees and flowers are all God’s creation and are all divine.

I said to you that this was a new way of evaluating the true worth of men’s lives, a new door that was opened into another plane of thought, another realm of being.  I told you about that door and how you were to pass through into that greater light, even while you were here living on Earth.  Many of you said you could see the door but did not know how to pass through.  Of course these things we have been speaking of are not physical so we cannot place them in your hand and say look this is what I mean (in tangible form).  We refer to substances which are not of this Earth, therefore, it is very necessary for you to use your mind so that in purifying your thoughts you may harness and channel spiritual love through that door.

Today, I will try to mould for you all these things into a more understandable and acceptable way.  In order to do this I want to say that we are going to talk upon two words: Discipline and Freedom.

You know and understand the meaning of these words, for you only have to look for yourself in a dictionary.  You understand the need of discipline if one is trying to achieve freedom, but this is the earthly way and it is very unsatisfactory for it can be misused on every occasion.  Discipline is to punish the wrongs of people but those in authority very often use it wrongly.  They become what I call power drunk and use it to achieve their own ends.  For example, they may unfairly punish a child or someone under their wing because they do not like them.  Therefore the punishment does not always fit the crime and the whole situation becomes unjust, so discipline by earthly standards is certainly not right.  You must all realise the tremendous importance discipline plays, for you cannot have freedom without discipline.

Look at your world which cries out for freedom, yet it seems there are many points of view on how that freedom may be achieved.  I speak in a global sense (dealing with nations) but there is a more important and urgent way: dealing with the individual.

For discipline cultivates those finer points within man to help him to think aright and therefore live his life aright.  But freedom is a gift that is also misused, for if you give freedom to those who sit with the spirit of ignorance, they are able to misuse that freedom to destroy the lives of others.  You have many examples of this in your world today, especially with your young children who are completely out of control in many ways, as witnessed in their drug and alcohol abuse, sexual promiscuity and stealing.  They exercise their freedom of choice against the law, but the law has no way of preventing the acts.  So you can see just how unsuitable these rules are for man to live by.

Until he finds and appreciates those higher values, the situation will worsen.

Therefore we will try to implant within you the true meaning of discipline and freedom.  If you look in your scriptures, one example is the Ten Commandments.  You will read, “Thou shalt not kill, thou shalt have no other God, thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself, thou shalt not commit adultery” etc.  These are the laws of God, written, so you may establish them in your life. But you do not know how to, for within you are the frailties of the human body, which very often tempt you away from that which is right and good.  It is like a force within you that you cannot resist; a temptation you cannot overcome and as long as you do not know the answers to this, you will never overcome them.

There are many forms of indiscipline in your life, for example, when you speak badly of your neighbour or friend with bitter words or when you allow your temper to flare.  Maybe somebody called you a name and you feel you must retaliate in the same tongue.  You fail when you do this.

Built into God’s Laws is discipline and freedom.  The discipline is found in “Thou shalt not’, for it does not permit you to commit acts that are out of step with the law of God.  The freedom is being able to overcome the temptation, so the strength of the law lies within those words “Thou shalt not”.  Yet there are those who cannot or will not hear because their minds are pestered with disease of this world, so they have no feeling towards pleasing God.  The way to please God is to keep his laws and walk in his love.

There is a great struggle going on within you, for you know right from wrong and though you may recite the words of God, it is another matter to put them into practice.  Unless your soul is moulded by the discipline of God’s laws, you cannot come to freedom, for the word freedom means you are no longer challenged by the frailties of the human form.  You have overcome them through the discipline which “Thou shalt not” gives to you, for it does not permit you to walk out of step with God.  If you couple this with the desire to know and to love God, it will give you the strength to hold yourself in check when you are approached by those frailties within you.  It will mould your soul into that more perfect being and each time you overcome so a greater gift of the spirit is added to you.

In other ways this is a means by which you can interpret the knowledge of God, because you are growing closer to him and passing through that door that leads you into that other realm.  You will be in harmony with that realm, for you cannot pass through it unless you are.  Therefore if there is anything imperfect within you it will not be possible for you to pass through, because you cannot take darkness into the light.  So this is your lesson and what you are striving to become.  By abiding by the discipline in those holy words “Thou shalt not” you are growing closer and closer to the freedom that it provides.

Consider your life now, none of you are free, you are slaves to your weaknesses and frailties.  You are a slave and if I say this to you, who are spiritually enlightened, what must I say to those whose paths are in darkness and live in the misery brought by that darkness.  They too are enslaved, but in a greater way than you, as they cannot escape.  When they make the change called death, they can only reap the harvest of the darkness and the misery they have sown.  At first sight this looks a most unjust law.  They have had nothing but pain and suffering here and yet are to pass into greater suffering, where it could cost them their very existence.

But it is not the law or desire of God, rather it is the law that man has made for them.  Man does not abide within the love of God, or train his mind to listen to God, nor does he search God out in the quiet places, where his soul can be refreshed with peace.  He does none of these things, therefore into the darkness he must go and the fruit growing on those trees are misery and suffering which he must eat because he had freewill to choose.  He had freedom without discipline and therefore no guidance for his mind to avert the dangers that were lurking in his weaknesses and frailties.  There was no strength to overcome temptation.

There is a great sorrow in my heart for I have looked upon the face of the Earth and see a great ugliness which man does not even recognize.  My concern is for those dear souls that have lost their way, who seek the bright lights, yield to temptation and give themselves to Satan himself.  They do not think about what has been written and do not realise they are destroying the temple which God has given them.  It is the temple where He joins with them to give them life.

They make an ugly place of their minds with filthy thoughts, swear words and abuse of drugs and sex.  For them it is pleasure, but if you could find a nectar that was sweet to taste yet once swallowed became a poison to your stomach, then this would be it.  They are blinded people, for they can see no further than their desires, greed and passions.  They are empty people for no love dwells within them, no true feeling for their mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers.  They have welcomed the spirit of ignorance to dwell with them and the place they live is full of pain.

When I look around at those who are supposed to represent the Christian religion of your time and the law of your land, I cannot see a finger raised in opposition to them.  No voice cries out against them, nor does anyone come forward to help them; the Good Samaritan is not abroad in your time.  See them lying in the streets, with their glue sniffing, drug taking and their alcohol abuse.  What kind of a mind allows that to continue and does not seek to put it to an end?  Not a spiritual mind, not a mind that knows the truth, but a mind just one step ahead of the spirit of ignorance that pursues them also.  They cannot find any peace through night or day, because they have forgotten the word of God.

To live by God’s value is something entirely different and we give to you food for thought.  Food from Heaven, that you may indulge yourself in the richness of life that is there to be shared with you.  This is a freedom you cannot begin to understand for no one is your master, neither are you master of any, but you exist in peace and love with all God’s creation.  For until you find this way and pass through that door, you are deaf and dumb, you too are unable to speak and converse with every form of life.

It is therefore imperative, if you are to go on from here, to think very seriously about what I have said.  I know that there are those who will say, we are flesh and blood and our lives are not meant to be like this.  Yet I tell you that if this is what you think then flesh and blood you will be and into the darkness you will go.  You are spirit here and now and you have never been flesh and blood.  There is no greater time for you than this very moment.  Put your mind to work so you may enrich yourselves with that nectar of love that comes from God.

Be still within yourself and find that great joy when you come to that God who you have been introduced to.  This is a joy that will fill your life in such a way as to give you the strength to resist the temptation and heed the discipline of “Thou shalt not”.  It purifies your thoughts for no longer do you hunger for the things of the flesh and no longer are you compelled to yield yourself to the frailties human form and thus become a slave.  You are not a slave and you were not born into slavery.  You were born into the freedom given to you by God.  The free will is yours, but it is the choices you make which make the difference.  A great war goes on within you, to overcome, to resist and to be at one with your God.

I know in this particular time in which you live there are great temptations, for the evils of life are strong within man.  You may think to yourself that this cannot be wrong, but anything that takes you away from God is evil.  This is why the first commandment was given: “Thou shalt not” (the discipline that you must rigidly adhere to) …. “Thou shalt have no other God but me”.  But man has this terrible habit of making Gods at will; he bows down to his idols of clay and gold, yet profits nothing from them.

Now I would ask you if you have any questions relating to the discussion we have had.  (No response from Aquarius group members).  Good, so you now know it all and I have no reason to mention this ever again.  Yet I dare say I will, time and time again.  Then perhaps it is better if I leave you the time to think about what has been said.  After you have reheard it, either by your tapes, or by your reading, I know it will contain many things that you thought you heard and did not.

Now I will take my leave of you and hope you have been able to take in all that I have said and see the importance of it, for it is necessary for you to be able to look and understand it.  I realise that try as you will, there will be those occasions when you will slip back and fail.  I do not mind this and neither do those who minister to you, so long as you are prepared to rise again to continue the struggle.  But because I have said this I would become most annoyed if I find there are those, who use my words to gratify their wrong doing, by saying to themselves, “Oh yes, but we are expected to fail so it doesn’t matter”.  They give themselves an excuse to fail, if you will.  If you know this, then you also know the discipline that says “Thou shalt not”.  To fail is one thing, but to use it as an excuse is completely different.

I will bid you farewell and take my leave.  Until we assemble again on another one of your days, live in peace, go in peace and love your neighbour as yourself.

Good afternoon and God bless you.

Hafed’s spiritual development teaching ends.

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