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Spiritual Development Teaching - Coin Of LoveIn this spiritual development teaching Hafed explains how our deeds in this world will directly impact our spiritual environment when we make the change called death.

Love is the currency in the spirit world, which is earned here by your good deeds, compassion, sincerity, forgiveness, friendship, kindness and willingness to give to those less fortunate than yourself.

Those who have been uncaring, uncharitable or abused their power here will have few who love them – they will find themselves in a spiritual wilderness, where they are the ones who have to do the fetching and carrying.

Hafed ends by warning us that man has already taken a step that ensures that God’s intervention must come, otherwise no life can remain on Earth.  God has no intention of allowing this to happen.

Hafed commences his spiritual development teaching:

In the morning when the sun has risen you look upon a new day and the emphasis is on ‘new’.  It is not meant to be linked with yesterday, neither is it meant to be carried forward for the following day.  It is a new day that your God has given to you, a new opportunity to make good the mistakes of yesterday, a new day to create for yourself something of spiritual value.

Now Jesus said “Keep your treasure where neither moth, nor rust, nor thief can enter to steal it away”.  Quite obviously he was not speaking about your earthly treasure; rather he was speaking about your spiritual treasure.  Indeed you have a way of living here that is designed by man and because of this you need to obey the laws of man.  You need the coin of this realm in order to purchase your earthly needs, but there is also a coin of the realm in that far ‘country’ that you come from; in that spiritual land in which you all really belong.  It is the Kingdom in the Lord’s Prayer that you ask to come.  There is a spiritual coin of the realm which is just as spendable as the coin that you know here, but in God’s Kingdom the currency is love.  You earn that coin, just as you earn the coin that you have here.

You earn it by your good deeds, by your compassion, by your sincerity, by your forgiveness, by your friendship, by your kindness, by your willingness to give to those less fortunate than yourself.  There is no paymaster, no one comes along on a set time and says “Here are your wages for this week”, for this coin does not work that way.  It is the love that you receive from others, the love which they give you and the love you give in return.  This is your treasure in Heaven “Where neither moth, nor rust, nor thief can enter in and steal.”

This is why you need compassion, forgiveness, kindness and friendliness because these are the labours of love that you need to employ to earn the coin.  That is the way it is earned because from them you generate the warmth which brings alive that love from others.  You do not have to wait to make the change called death before you can begin to earn the coin of love.  You can begin to earn that coin here and now by your dealings with others.

I want you to see that love is even more important than the milk given to a young babe.  You know that without milk a young child cannot be sustained and it’s life would flicker away.  I want you to see that love has the same power to sustain your life and create conditions in which heaven itself is made.  It is the very substance, the very material that you require in order to create that heaven.

In the spirit world it is the very atmosphere in which we live and as important to us as air is to you, for it is our environment.  It is a place that each one of you must come to live, sooner or later.  No one can escape it for all who live on Earth must make the change called death and live in that new environment.

To many, in the beginning, it is not an easy thing because their whole world has been turned upside down, especially for those who have held positions of power in your world and are accustomed to having others fetch and carry for them.  They have to learn that it is their turn to do the fetching and carrying.  Life is difficult for such people as their fame or position is not carried over into the spiritual world.  Their domineering features, which they exercised over lesser men, no longer work for them over there.  Where they once could put fear into the hearts of lesser men by threatening them with the law, making them unemployed or by creating other worries such as losing their homes or not having enough money for food, does not apply there.

He will find he is bankrupt for all his earthly wealth has been left behind and because he never worked to put that spiritual currency into his bank, he will have few who will love him.  Love is the power which could have brought him happiness and a fullness of life, but he will not find it because he abused his power and brought fear to all those who worked for him.  Like a baby cannot live without milk, so he will not be able to live in the Kingdom of Heaven without love and difficulties will be strewn across his path.

The greatest difficulty will be his inability to forgive himself, for when he comes to the fires of remorse that Jesus spoke of, he will see all his actions here on Earth have brought him only grief and sadness.  He will be the eye witness, the jury and judge on all he has done wrong, so you see how difficult this will be for him.  It will be much harder for him to progress in that new state of being than here.  He will find himself in a spiritual desert, totally void of the essential things of life, created by the way he lived his life on Earth.

I give you this example because I want you to see the importance of this.  You must strive in your life to acquire that coin of love and realise that you cannot expect to receive, unless you first give.  I want you to see just what it meant by,  “As you give, so then will you receive”.  To him who has given love, love shall he receive.  This will be his coin to spend in the life to come, the way in which he will begin to evolve.  Not so here.

So my children, I want you to consider love.  Consider it, because all the experiences of your life are so designed to bring you to the knowledge of love.  You have been given free will in order to answer that problem which is set before you.  You will come to see and realise that all things are very cold, empty and meaningless unless you have that quality of love.

It was not the man’s wealth, importance or position that brought him to poverty on the other side of life.  It was his neglect of love.  It does not matter what position you hold, or how powerful a position you have been given in life through wealth, so long as you remember that love is the key that opens your Father’s door.

Love is the coin that will purchase for you a fuller life, when this one has finished.  You can journey on in that new realm in complete happiness and in a state of joy and contentment, which you would not have believed possible.

Your loving Father has done all this with the fulfilment of your spiritual coming of age in mind.  There are now many things in your world that corrupt and destroy the opportunity for the fulfilment of mans’ free will and spiritual evolvement.  Because of this, God must intervene and prevent it from continuing on.  Unless he does, then the gift he has given you will come to nought and cause you great suffering.  He will not allow his children to have His purpose within them defeated by the designs of greedy men.  Man has already taken a step that ensures that intervention must come, for unless it comes, no flesh can remain on Earth – all will perish.  God has no intention of allowing that to happen.

The things that are set before you along the road of life, are there inasmuch as they bring to you a great deal of fear about the sufferings which happen.  They also bring to you the assurance that all is going to be well, even though you must wait and see what develops and how it evolves.  But, it will happen, for the Law of God will be done.  The will of God will be done.

‘Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy will.  Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven.’  It cannot be any other way.

I cannot stay long today because of my son’s health (the medium) and I must leave you there.  I would like to think that we do not finish now, but you will talk about what has been said, not just today but on other occasions and perhaps work out solutions for yourself.

God bless you all.

Hafed’s spiritual development teaching ends.

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