Spiritual Development Teaching | Cleansing Power of Compassion

Spiritual Teachings from Aquarius - Spiritual Teacher HafedIn this spiritual development teaching Hafed goes to the very heart of creation by explaining how life was created and continues to be sustained on this planet.  He explains how our thoughts have the power to dramatically affect our physical environment, for good and bad.  He warns that Mother Nature’s links are starting to break down and disease is entering the world because the balance is shifting in favour of evil.

If we keep our soul filled with spiritual light and our mind burning with the light of compassion, we allow God’s power to come into the world.  God’s power is a cleansing agent, which cleanses, purifies and multiplies life.  If we allow that light to be extinguished, by turning to the darker side of our nature, the reverse thing happens.  The thoughts we generate will be of a destructive element, which tear down and breed disease into the world.

When our thoughts are alive with spiritual truth there is a spiritual force field, which encloses our mind, body and soul.

Hafed ends by telling us that we will witness God’s miracles in our life time.

After Hafed delivered this spiritual development teaching  the beginning of the recodring tape was found to be blank.  There was no explanation for this and at the time it was assumed that the tape recorder was faulty, however, this had never happened before or since.  It occurs to Aquarius that the omission could have been Hafed’s intention because he may have given more than was intended for public consumption.  As far as we can collectively remember, the omitted part of Hafed’s address covered a discussion on the terrible events which are witnessed daily on our TV news programmes.

Hafed’s spiritual development teaching begins:

The whole terrible truth is being reflected and seen.  It is not a woven tapestry that reveals a spiritual picture that you can see, neither is it a piece of jigsaw that has fallen into place and made the picture come to life.  It is none of these things, rather it is an indwelling knowing – a spiritual awareness which is growing within you and awakening you to the Christ spirit that is there.  It is the spirit that cries to you “Abba Father” for you are being born, as it were, the sons and daughters of God.

Your time for coming of age is approaching, that is why you see the truth and feel it so deeply within you.  Alas, while you see and feel all of this and know it within you, there is something lacking.  Something that you do not know and I for my part find it so terribly difficult to put into words and that is – the coming alive of the events that you see.  How were they conjured, woven into this nightmarish dream?  How it was all brought together?  What happened?

To discover this, you must have a very good basic understanding of spiritual law at work within you and material law that is at work within the world.  There has to be a meeting place for spiritual law and the material law, for one feeds the other, if there is to be harmony and unity between the two.

How can I put this into words so that they become substance in your mind?  I speak of things which are of a spiritual origin and have sounds to them which you have never heard before.  How can I enrich your soul so that it may see and feel that difference between spiritual law and material law?

When your mind is alive with spiritual truth there is a spiritual force field, which encloses your mind, your soul and your body.  It is enriched with that potent power of life and it is the very emblem where the two meet: the carnal and the spiritual.  The energy and light in that force field reveal life with a much fuller potential than can be revealed to you by anything else.  It was always meant by the Father that this should be so for the protection of His children.

It is that very spot where the smallest atom of materialism is given life and takes on life, through the spiritual power that is there.  I wonder if you can see that picture that I want you to see?  It is the very place where the two meet.  Remembering that the whole of your body is made up of atoms, electrons and various other chemicals which are born out of them; given life by an energy that is unknown to mankind because it is of a God power.

It is not electricity for that comes later.  It is a power that is of life itself and the two are fused together to make up your body.  That holy power, that force of life, is a cleansing power.  For all material substance will decay and die and indeed would not take on life at all, if it was not for that meeting point between the spiritual power of life and materialism.  It is almost to be seen as a virus, for it is that tiny.  The meeting point is a place where they congeal and bring forth life in the material body.

All of this first takes place through your mind, hence you will begin to see and understand, why we speak of the importance of compassion, love and forgiveness. The break down of these harmonious patterns creates within you a fall in compassion, giving way to a greater degree of mans’ determination to hold a position of power.  It is incompatible with God’s law, for spiritual awareness must be maintained and developed.  It is that spiritual awareness that stops man falling down and prevents him taking on destructive thoughts, such as hatred and greed that burn him away and bring into the world such diseases as you now have with you.

Remember when you see what you are now seeing in the world, this is only the outward expression, it is not the actual cause.  The law of cause and effect applies.

If you keep your soul filled with spiritual light and your mind burning with the light of compassion, you allow God’s power to come into the world. God’s power is a cleansing agent, which cleanses, purifies and multiplies life.  If you allow that light to go out, by turning to the darker side of your nature, the reverse thing happens.  The thoughts generated will be of a destructive element, which tear down and breed disease into the world.

You may ask how this happens.  What we are discussing is the very fringe of that indescribable section of creation.  I know that it must be terribly difficult for you to be able to see and understand what I mean, but you must have a beginning, you must start somewhere.  This is the level I have chosen for you to start from so that you may gradually come to understand how the energy forces being released by you into your life and into your world are deemed by your spirituality, by your compassion.  On our side of life we can see that because your light shines out like a beacon in the darkness.  Those who are filled with mans’ inhumanity to man radiate a different light, like a fiery light as if their soul was burning up, for they destroy.

Now this is the point where we are in time and I want you to see how all of this links together under one law – the spiritual law, which even governs material law.  To turn away from spiritual law is to destroy even the fabric of materialism.  Materialism is clean as long as it is being charged with the energies of God, but when that is no longer so, then that fabric is constantly breaking down.  Your Earthly environment is only maintained by the fabric of materialism that begins to form at that fringe – where spiritual life meets material life.

It is the energy that is being injected into those atoms which is maintaining your own environment and keeps you alive.  When your environment begins to break down, so then does the law and the power that governs Mother Nature.  Her processes are linked together and these must never be broken, because if they are it will cause a collapse of the whole system.  The force and power of Mother Nature is life giving because they are bound up in the energies of water, fire and Mother Earth.  They provide for the flowers, food and the raw materials that support man.

When these things that support man begin to break down and become polluted, as they are, then they begin to die.  Do you see what I mean?  Because they begin to die, they decompose and become the diseases that enter your world, attacking your bodies in the form of germs and viruses, which are totally unknown to your doctors and scientists and will not be overcome.

If that deterioration is allowed to go on then only madness can come to man, because he is going away from the peace of mind and the common sense which hold his sanity.  When he sinks below this, it is madness that he comes to and the world at large will be no more.  This is the problem that you have in your world; I have told you this now.  You can see how very vital it is for man to inject compassion into his life.

At this point I want to stop because I do not want to feed you too much, perhaps more than you can understand.


What do you mean by being on the fringe of creation?


You must realise that creation has a place where it starts, an injection of energy and life, which gives Mother Nature the power to exist.  Therefore there is a place, a beginning, whereby that power of life is fused with the atoms of materialism – the more solid substance, if you like.  This is what creates and builds the world in which you live, most importantly it sustains and recharges it with the energies of growth.  Put another way, it keeps alive all the material factors that produce food and energy in order for mankind to live.  That is the point where it all begins.  It was not something that simply happened and there, behold, a solid world appeared.  There had to be a time of creation, a point of creation.  That point was where materialism took on the energies of life.

The kind of creation that I am speaking of is not of the soul, so do not make the mistake of thinking it is where you were created as a living soul.  Rather, it is the point from where all other things were created and from the source of that power came all other things: the Earth that you stand on, the trees, the waterways, the wind, the sun, your physical body, the animal kingdom, the insect kingdom.  All of these were formed out of that creation.

I suppose scientists would say it was formed out of gases which cooled down and so forth, but there is another part which comes before all of that.  It comes from that meeting place of spiritual power and the atoms of materialism which congealed together in order to build and create the world in which you live.  The very gases of which man speaks were formed because of that joining together – do you understand?

Comment from a Aquarius member:

It seemed to me, whilst you were talking, that I was having a picture drawn in my mind of two separate substances that had an almost imperceptible dividing line between them.  One of the substances was filtering something down to the second substance to keep it in existence.  Suddenly, this process began to slow down and it was due to the change in the second substance.  Whatever it was that was filtering down could not get through and was gradually being blocked off.  Is this correct?


That is right, that is absolutely correct.  If you can understand mans’ mind and the thoughts of man to be of a creative element (for good and bad), then you must see that it is very necessary for the thoughts of man to be filled with the right source of love and compassion in order for spiritual law and power to stay in existence.

When mans’ destructive thoughts and actions begin to bring it all down, he is warring against the Law of God and the true creative element, which will cause the destruction of nature.  This is witnessed through acid rain, chemicals pouring into rivers, the pollution caused by oil and damage to the ozone layer.  The law of cause and effect is in operation, but man is only seeing the effect.  He does not comprehend that the true cause lies within him.

It is only because he has fallen from grace and taken hold of mans’ inhumanity to man, that he is creating the very substance which is poisoning all these things. This is born out of his greed and ignorance, whereas if he truly stayed in the light of God’s peace and love it would not happen because he would see that it is wrong.  He would know that all forms of poison are wrong.

Mother Nature is perfectly capable of controlling her own law in her own way.  She will sustain the Earth and all things in it, including the environment.  When the environment begins to suffer, it is breaking down Mother Natures’ chains, which are forged together.  If and when one of those links breaks, it will be the collapse of life as you know and understand it.  This is what we from the world of spirit are fighting against.  This is why you have got this so-called ‘Spiritualism’ in your world, but this is man made name, not ours.  Many of my brothers who come from the realms of light come with that weapon of power, in the words that we convey to you.  Words of truth, which will combat the very ignorance of man, destroying mans’ inhumanity to man, so that the flower of compassion might again blossom forth and fill his mind with that Christ Spirit which is life eternal, joy eternal and happiness eternal.

All over your globe at this time, as I speak, there are little groups like yourselves.  You are comrades in arms for you are all learning about the same things and you are all fighting the same cause.  Your destiny and destination is the same.

The words and truth that we give will open out your hearts and minds, giving you the zeal to fight.  Giving you the realisation that you will have nothing unless you do, teaching you that you must be by your Lord’s side, creating with Him that new world which is prophesied.  This is what your whole lives are about and always have been.  Even before you were born you were charged with this, ‘sent’ as it were, to link together to form the basis and the nucleus of that power which is unstoppable, because it has the creative energies of God.  No one, no man, no power, can destroy it.

Only you can destroy it, through negative thinking, through becoming weak when you are under attack from the powers of darkness, as surely you will be, because you hold the truth.  They will try in every way to turn your thoughts, to make you question your God.  When your life seems to go wrong, it will give them the edge to use against you, saying “Where is your God now?”  You will think you are saying it and they are your thoughts but they are not.  It begins to make your faith wane and separates you from your God.  But, little ones remember this, you can never do anything so wrong that your Heavenly Father has not already forgiven you, for He understands.

I have told you before and I will say it again that I do you no favours by giving you truth of this calibre, because you now responsible for delivering what has been given.  Responsible to those who are lesser than you in the understanding of God, but equal to you in the fact that they belong to the Royal Family of God.  You are trying desperately to set them free, even those with the most evil minds, because they are held captive by ignorance and darkness.

You are now free from the law that man has made, but you are bound by the spiritual law that God has made.  You are answerable To Him and to Him only, not to any judge in this world.  You are set free, with that power of salvation in your words, to speak and reveal the mysteries of God.

Do not fear, for you do not travel alone.  There are those comrades in arms who are sojourning with you from our side of life; those teachers, friends and helpers.  They are legions strong and I tell you that though ten thousand may fall at your left side and thousand may fall at your right, it shall not cometh to you sayeth the Lord, for I am with you.

If at times it seems that God has not been able to lift small problems from you, never think that he is not able to do far greater things.  I tell you that in the twinkling of an eye you shall be changed and the will of God cannot be opposed, neither can the power of God be defeated.  Very often man forgets just how great God is and that He is capable of all things.  But, in your life (yes, in your life!) you will be reminded of these things by Him who is your Father.  For surely those days will come when you will see His power at work and those miracles done before you.

Let peace reign among you.  You can surely see now, how important that is, for if you do not have that love, one towards the other, how can you have love for those you do not know?  Or, for those of a different culture or colour, or who believe in different things to you?  But you must you see, you must.  Let peace be the power that binds you together and let it be so with love.  You now understand what can come from thoughts of a destructive nature.


Will our planet suffer from more incurable diseases?


My sister, I do not want to touch upon this subject too deeply, but of course there are events to come which are worse than you have experienced so far.  All these things must be so, for the dawning of that new day and that new world.  More than this I will not say, except to say that these things are close at hand.  On the wings of tomorrow, you may see them.


Not so very long ago you spoke of mankind having already taken the final step that would lead to his destruction.  Does your talk today serve to underline this point?


My sister, it is all part of the same picture.  It comes from mans’ desire to control power, his greed, his fear, his lust and the evil which stems from those who have already lost their minds to madness.  Pray then, that a madman does not come to power, opposing what good there is in the world.  But, as it is said, the day will then dawn when a great brightness comes and the Lord Himself will return.

For now I will say farewell, farewell.  God be with you.

Hafed’s spiritual development teaching ends.

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