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Spiritual Development Teaching - Christmas Message - Church of SalvationIn this spiritual development teaching from Aquarius, Hafed delivers his first Christmas message.

He tells us about the first Christian church, which he built in his country of Persia.  He also inspires us by revealing our mission and sharing his hopes for our continued spiritual development.

Hafed starts his spiritual development teaching:

Peace be with you my children and God bless you.

It is always a joy to come among you especially to those with like minds and this particular day gives greater joy to us who travel back through time to be here with you.  You may not understand that phrase ‘travel back in time’ but in effect it is what we do.

For once there was a time when I lived in the past and you were yet to come in the future.  It was a time of great rejoicing and certainly great rejoicing in my heart because I was one of the privileged bearers of the gifts to be delivered to that young child so long ago.

But then, like all men, I too had to travel on and hope that in some way I had made a mark upon this world.  My mark is still there even to this day for when my Master was crucified, I travelled back to my own land and began the first Christian church ever to be built.  There it stands even now in my county which was Persia.

So now I come back to you from your future, for where I was once in your past, I am now in your future, where a time will come when you too will make that change called death and hope to leave your mark too.  A mark that will stand good for as many a year as the one that I was fortunate enough to make, for I have given to you all the good blessings that were given to me by him whom I call Lord and Master.  There is none that I have not given and yet greater is still to come, for the blessings of the Lord Himself are yet to come.

So at this festive time, I bring to you that double indemnity of the Holy Spirit – the Christmas Spirit that I give to each one as their present for this year, so they may carry that light within their hearts and minds and embrace all others within that light.

How joyful I am when I look around and see how you have embraced all the knowledge of wisdom we have given and how your love, understanding and goodwill have grown among you.  It is our hope that this goodwill may grow even brighter as time goes by for it has not been called God’s circle for nothing.  There is a great reason for that which has yet to be revealed.

As once I built the first Christian church, you who are here are to do exactly as I did but with a greater effect, for in this time you are to illuminate that truth in the minds of all those who will come and participate.  On the horizon there is also a meeting place where you all will take part and have your work.  It is a church of salvation, a church of great truth, a church that preaches only the Christ truth and has the good Shepherd as it’s Teacher.

In the year that is soon to open for us you are then going to be about your Father’s business.  For here you will come, week after week, to have your spiritual gifts unravelled.  Slowly at first, but then accelerated at the right time.

Some of you will go faster along that road than others but do not worry, do not fear, for your time will also come.  For in all minds there must be the same light that burns.  That oil of faith must burn within your mind.  All must carry that great sword of truth and those words of wisdom that strikes dumb those who are the avenging angels of deceit and evil.

For many will come looking to you for that greater light, for peace, because they are filled with despair and can find no comfort in the world at large.  It will be your hands my children, it will be your gift to give to man.

Of course it will demand more time from you, for if we are to build this church it is to be with you as the very foundation, as the nucleus of all that is good within it.  For a church or a building of any kind is not made of bricks and mortar alone, for the strength of this church must be in your love of your fellow man and in your faith in God.

With God all things are possible; never lose sight of that my children, for often you do.  For God can indeed work miracles in His own way and still does and you will be witnesses to those very miracles to be worked.

You will remember the old priest who came to tell his story and revealed to you how his faith was restored because of a miracle that came from God.  In strange and wondrous ways, his miracle to be performed and so it will be for you.

I want you to mark this first Christmas for we are growing, not only in our love for each other but also in power and strength.  As time passes and each one of you is raised up in the Christ spirit with those spiritual morals engraved in your hearts, then so will that power grow even greater and many wonderful things will happen among you.  You will see and you will know that the fulfillment of my words have come true.

It is all down to you, keep faith with us and we will surely keep faith with you.  The greater light is still to come and the greater joy is still to be revealed.  There shall be no greater joy than when you feel the presence of the Christ spirit being raised up within you and you feel the warmth, power and love of those ministering angels from the realms of light who gather about you.  Then surely you will know truly that you belong to the family of God and no other.

As I sit here now and see the many bright souls gathering about you, none brighter than the little children whom this festive season is really for.  For they and they alone carry something of that Christ spirit and here they are gathering about you, some of them known to you and others not.  Here too, are your mothers, fathers, grandparents, uncles and aunts, wearing that garb of light.  All are here with that festive spirit of goodwill towards men and peace on Earth.

As the cup of life is passed round to each and every one of you, in a symbolic way, drink deep my children, for the wine it contains is the very spirit of life.  You will live in that spirit of life and know what it truly means to be the handmaiden or servant of God.  Even as Mary was chosen as a special one, so you too can feel that holy presence of God.  Holy, holy, holy is His name, so accept none other than He.

I will now leave you for there are others who love you and wish to draw near to you to impart some Christmas greetings of their own.   Farewell, farewell.

Hafed’s spiritual development teaching finishes.

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