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Spiritual Development Teaching - Spiritual LawIn this spiritual development teaching Hafed tells us that if we choose to break spiritual law there will be repercussions not only here but particularly when we pass into spirit.

Reading: Corinthians 2, Chapter 6 verse 14 to Chapter 7 verse 4.

Hafed begins his spiritual development teaching:

Beloved let your hearts be still, so they may be touched by the peace of God.  Let your minds be quiet so that the noise, which troubles you from the worries of your life, may be driven away.  We come to speak to you softly and yet compellingly.  I say “softly” because it is the word of life that we are imparting to you.  You gather here in oneness to be closer to your God, yet how quickly the memory of it all flies from you when you leave to go about your daily business.

You know, it has always been our intention to bring your soul alive to the knowledge of Christ, who is our Lord.  You know that it has never been our intention to raise you up as mediums, for always we have said we are striving to raise you up as ambassadors for Christ, to carry that potent word of truth into the lives of all men.

We are striving to raise you up in the way of discipleship therefore much more is needed from you.  You must learn to embrace the whole of God’s Law and make it your own.  If you live one fraction outside of that Law then you will never be the child of God.  God has said He will come and live amongst you and you will be His people.  You will be His children – His sons and daughters.  This requires a departure from the frailties of the human form, to lift your minds to the purity of God.  Where you are bound in the Christ Spirit, which makes you the sons and daughters of God.  It is that spirit which must be raised up within you as it was in Jesus, fulfilling every aspect of your life.  Your body may be in the world at large, but it does not mean to say either your mind or your soul must sojourn in that life.

To live under carnal law is to dwell in a dog eat dog environment and if that is what you want then it is best you go and serve the master who holds that law over mankind.  You are the servant of him whose will you do, not the servant of him whom you say you serve.  Saying and doing are two different things and you can only serve the master whose will you do.  When you perform those acts within the world that please you, little do you understand what lies ahead or see of what the future brings.

A gardener cultivates his land accordingly to the particular seed he is planting, in order to give it every opportunity to succeed in life.  However, if you plough and sow accordingly to the wild side of your nature, then the crop that springs up will be the type that grows in the wilderness.  You can expect nothing other than the folly you have sown.

Because there has been no planning or proper preparation, then it is rather a haphazard affair, just like the wild side of nature.  If you go into the jungle it can be impenetrable.  So then, exactly the same thing occurs when you sow the wrong seeds in you life.  We understand why this happens because it holds some kind of attraction to you.  You think it fulfils some kind of joy, if you wish, but the reverse is true.  It is even more so, if you knew what the truth of it is.

You are children who have left your home and travelled to a strange land and you have been given no memory of life that was before this birth.  Therefore, it is easy to see why all the things of this world please you, because you are living in another form of nature from the one that you left.  In that life your only aims were the fulfilment of peace, happiness, the joy of loving God and being free.  You understood that if you ever were to depart from that Law, then those things would no longer be true.

If you go back to the beginning and read the story of Adam and Eve, you will see that they dwelt in a wonderful land but by breaking God’s command they fell from grace and were born into the world.  It was not God’s punishment to them; it was simply the result of the Law that they had broken.  You cannot walk into fire without being burned, so it is that you cannot break the Law without its repercussions and I want you to realise that very emphatically.

By showing you the story of Adam and Eve, I think you can see my point even though the story of Adam and Eve is to this end fictional.  It in some way shows you the beginnings of mankind and how his troubles came into being.  They lived in a golden age, in Paradise, though they broke God’s commandment and that is what led them here.  They had to learn why they could not live in Paradise if they wished to accept life under another law.  It is the law that you live under now which troubles me at times, for all of you have work to do and it must not in any way be marred by the absence of that true purity of God.

You are His disciples.  If this is what you say you are, then this is how you must live your lives.  You must see and understand the difference between carnal man and spiritual man and to realise that carnal man shall surely pass away when the end of the world come for him.  That is to say the day that he dies is the end of the world for him.  The spiritual man must be raised up, but if those spiritual qualities are not within him he must abound in the darker realms. To change the thinking of people you must be as good as your word.  I feel, my children, that you are as good as your word, when you know God and feel the presence of God.

Many people say you cannot see God.  It is because they use the wrong eyes.  God is only seen with the eyes of the spirit and you must learn to exercise those eyes here and now.  It is nothing that you see – it is everything that you feel.  Unless you exercise them, they will never grow to that point where it becomes a second sight to you.

Go into your woods and you will feel God all around you.  Through this feeling try to see and understand what God is.  He is everything that grows around you.  He is everything that is beautiful there.  He is every good thought you have ever had.  He is the mighty oak, the blade of grass, the daisy, the butterfly, the bee and the leaf on the tree.  His power gives them life and what you see is the mind of God, in all its beauty.  He has laid it bare for you to see clearly.  Gather to you its strength and peace; then ask yourself “How can I become part of that feeling of God?”

You are already part of God, for His life is in you and He wants to sustain that life in a pleasing and peaceful way.  One that is without violence, one that is without hatred, without desires that inflict damage and pain to others, one which does not fill itself with greed, one which does not only think of itself, but of others.

If you go into the wood and fields, you will see the harmony of nature.  The tree that gives a home to the birds and to many other forms of insect life.  They blend in with that law of God, which keeps them in harmony and not at war with each other.  Look at the flowers that you have before you.  They were designed and created and given life by the mind of God.  Is there an ugly one among them?  Do you see them fighting for a superior place?  Do you find deceit there with them?  Do you find them filled with a kind of grievance that creates unhappiness?  Does one shine above another?  Is one more beautiful than the other?  God gave to them the same right and the same beauty and He has given that to you.  It is for you to use it rightly.

When you think of the gifts of the spirit, do you think of healing, clairvoyance, prophecy and teaching?  But do you not understand the many other gifts that God has given you?  Your image is unique, is it not?  You look at your reflection in the mirror and you are unique.  You do not see any other people wearing your face.  What else has He given to you?  Fair hair, a pleasant smile, sparkling eyes, a musical laugh, a soft voice, a gentle touch, a humble nature?  These are all God’s gifts too.  He has given to one person the ear for music to compose and play, thus bringing pleasure to others.  They listen and are inspired and for a little while they are beyond this realm, in the realm where perhaps angels dance.  He gives another person the gift of painting.  Of capturing on canvas the beauty of a tree, the face of a loved one or the very flight of a bird.  This too gives great pleasure to those who look at their work and think that they have captured that moment in time; they have crystallised it forever.

To others He has given the ability to play instruments such as the piano, violin or cello.  He has given them the gift of being able to play together in harmony, the same as His birds.  Have you listened and noticed that they sing their praises to God in evening song, thanking Him for the day and asking His protection in the night.  There may be many different birds singing with different whistles and in different keys, yet from the humblest to the most gifted like the nightingale, they all are in harmony.  Just like the instruments of a great orchestra.  I want you to see and feel that harmony.

Then there are those who have been gifted with great singing voices and each one has their own particular quality.  Each is defined by some tone that is different from others.  They are also in harmony with the orchestra that plays and you can listen and find upliftment there.  There are others too, such as architects who design and build great cities throughout the world; they are not forgotten.  There are the mothers who give life to God’s precious gift of a child.  Using the special qualities of a mother to watch over and protect her charge, to nourish it, to keep it clean and to feed the right thoughts into the child’s mind.

If they are harmonious thoughts, then happiness and joy will be its way.  If they are thoughts that lend themselves to spitefulness, to hatred and to jealously then strife stands in its path and bitterness in its mouth.  It loses the edge of all the good gifts that God has given, for it no longer knows how to be in harmony with all that is around it.  Unless you are in harmony, how can you keep the Laws of God?  When you live outside of the Laws of God you are not in harmony any more.

You too have special gifts that you can use: gifts of the spirit, gifts of healing, gifts that bring comfort to the bereaved, teachers who unfold the mystery of life for man to bring a deeper understanding to a mind that is confused.  You can begin to help them spin that web of harmony once again, to those who have lost their way.  It is what you do with these gifts that matters and like I have said we are not raising you up to be mediums who serve the spirit.

We are raising you up to be the ambassadors of Christ Jesus.  Think what an honour this is, for you will go before other men and women to speak those words of Christ because you are His ambassador.  It is just as I do to you now, because I too am His ambassador.  I too bring you that word to nourish your mind and soul, which will enrich you with spiritual yearning to be at one with your Lord.  I send you before the faces of multitudes to speak His word of truth, to speak of His coming, to speak of His love, to speak of His holiness and to make joy spring up in every sad heart like the waters of life, refreshing every thought within their minds.

May the chains fall away and the gates of the prison swing open for every mind that has been held captive with desires of the flesh.  May they see the light of God’s graciousness and say, “I was walking in the wrong direction all the time.  My happiness lies is where my God lies”  It is within you all, my children, the very seed of your soul knows your Father and knows Him well.  Just give that seed a chance to come to the milk of God and it shall no longer hunger or thirst for the ways of carnal man.

Let peace be in your hearts, let your minds be ablaze with the truth of God.  Let God be your life.  I bid you farewell, farewell.  God bless you.

This spiritual development teaching was brought to you by Aquarius Teachings.

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