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Spiritual Development Teaching - Christmas Message - Angels are still singingIn this Aquarius spiritual development teaching Hafed inspires us with a Christmas address about what is was like to be in the wondrous presence of Jesus.

Hafed draws parallels between the prophesies of the Old Testament which foretold that Jesus would be born and those in the New Testament which say He will come again.  Hafed reminds us that the first prediction took thousands of years to happen, therefore we should not lose faith that the second coming will occur and sooner than we think!

Hafed’s spiritual development teaching begins:

I greet you beloved in the name of the Lord Jesus, whose humble servant I am.  Peace be with every one of you.

The reading I have chosen today (Matthew 1: 18-25) will bring to you the truth in Christ Jesus.

Many in your world do not believe that Jesus was the Son of God.  If you listen to the reading you must realise that if Jesus was not the Son of God, then the reading must be false, was never said and did not happen.  Only by being the Son of God could Jesus have done all those things which He accomplished.  Perhaps most wondrous of all were the teachings that He gave; simple truths that were laid down as part of the law for man to follow.

If you listen to the reading, you will see how it was prophesied over many, many years prior to the event that a virgin would give birth to a son.  Even in those days such a thing was impossible and yet nonetheless the prophecy was fulfilled.  When those words were spoken all that time ago, those who were there listening to the prophet, believed that Jesus was about to be born.  They went about their lives looking for this child who was to be born through a virgin.  I must tell you the listeners questioned, “What was this child?” and “Why was he so special?”

The prophet enlightened their minds about Him who was of the family of God, the Son of God, the king whose name was Emmanuel (meaning: God with us).  When He came He would bring a great and wondrous light, to serve the needy and to fulfil the will of his Father.  By bringing into being and projecting in the minds of men that Holy Spirit, which is God.

I have no doubt that those here live in comparative luxury compared with those who lived in those long ago days.  You could not understand nor feel the joy that was in their hearts, believing His arrival was imminent and they might perhaps come face to face with this Son of God, who was to shine like a jewel from the heavens above.  But of course you know what happened; they all passed away into that greater and fuller life where they comprehended it all so much better.  Yet the message, which was given on that day, lived on in the hearts and minds of the people over all the centuries.

It filled some men with a great and wondrous glory and others with contempt that a man should even begin to believe a virgin could give birth.  They laughed and scorned, yet the belief that it would take place remained in the hearts of many people.  So you can see why it was that towards the end of that time, when the prophecy was to be fulfilled, how man had lost his faith for he was under the heel of the oppressor.  There were many sick and diseased people, not only sick in the body but in the mind as well.   Poverty was a constant companion to so many, so it was only to be expected that only the faithful few were still waiting for the fulfillment of God’s promise, yet what a promise it turned out to be.

That night when the child was born was a very special night.  You had to be there to sense and feel the very change in atmosphere, for all around there seemed to be a great magic.  A stillness reaching into your soul making you conscious of whom you really were.  It was indeed a wondrous night, when the very Earth seemed to be tingling with the spirit of God.

You know the events that followed.  Jesus grew to manhood, took up his ministry and performed the works that none ever did before or since.   He spoke with a voice of authority which none ever did before or have done so since.  All those before delivered the words that God had given them, but not Jesus, because he stood there in the very power of God.  He had that authority with him to change the commandments of God and he did so.

I suppose there are few today who remember it was also prophesied that this Jesus, Lord of all, would return one day.  Because He seems to tarry, they grow impatient and doubtful.  It is easy for them to cast doubt upon the words of the scriptures, upon the words which were given, for that is all they have to build their faith on.

They have nothing else you see, so to believe Jesus was not the Son of God but the son of man and to believe Jesus did not perform miracles and did no more than the average medium today is easy for them.  So easy to compare the events of today with those of yesterday and once they rid themselves of the idea that Jesus was in some way special, born from a virgin, then the rest all fell into place.  It was said the people of that time elaborated and exaggerated the facts (about Jesus) but that did not happen.  But those who stood face to face with the Lord Most High in those days, when He was ministering to people of his time, had no doubts as to who He could be.

To stand in that soul’s presence left you completely convinced, for there was a power emanating from Him and I have seen strong men weaken as they stood there in His light.  In the beginning they went to challenge, yet fell upon their knees because when you stood in His presence you became so conscious of who this man was and who you were.  It did not matter whether you were a disbeliever or believed there was a creator in Heaven.

When He brought you into the circumference of his power all the things that were dark within you fell away.  There you were naked before your maker.  Naked as a child before it’s parent.  Naked, because they could no longer hide their sins or deny who this man was.  Naked, because of the shame of what they had done, which had gripped their hearts and minds.  I have seen them confess before Him and cry like babies with tears streaming down their faces, “Lord, please forgive me, for I did not know it was you”

It seemed in that moment of time, all the events of your past spirit life, before you were born, came into your memory and you knew him.  Not inasmuch as you would say His name is this or that, but there was that oneness with Him in your soul and you were conscious of that help you had received in the past.  “Lord, Lord, forgive me, for I did not know it was you.”  Think of those words my children, coming from a strong man whose ways had always been harsh and violent.  When Jesus looked at them, put his hand on their heads and said, “Arise, go your way and sin no more”.   How could they have even guessed what depth of love and compassion this man had?  That he would forgive them for all their sins.

So you will see and understand that to us, who were in His presence constantly, there could be no shadow of doubt as to who He was.  We knew the kind of power that was in Him; there was nothing in this world or in the universe at large that would not obey his command.  We did not truly understand everything because it was beyond our power of reasoning, we could not comprehend the magic of it all.   We just knew it was there and we loved to be in His presence and could not bear to be away from Him.

He touched many people’s lives; I believe you recently heard from one who found himself nailed to the cross by His side.  (Note to reader: refer to “The Thirteenth Disciple”).  There were countless such events which took place in individual lives so it would be impossible for me to tell their stories too.  However, I hope over the time which is left to us here we will be able to tell you some of them, to bring you a greater feeling of truth.

As I have said, many bowed down before him in shame.  Yet there were those who had a wonderful joy within their hearts because they had believed and knew this event would happen.  Such was the blind beggar, who heard that Jesus was passing by.  He believed all things with Jesus were possible and shouted out, “Lord, Lord, Son of David, heal me!”   Hearing this the bystanders said to him, “Hush, be quiet!”  But he cried out even louder, “Lord, Lord, Son of David, heal me!”  Jesus heard him and replied, “What is it that you would have me do for you?”  “Lord, that you should give me my sight”, pleaded the beggar.  “Then let it be according to your faith”, replied Jesus and instantly the blind beggar was blind no more and could see all.

Tell me of a man, be it in your time or in another age, that has ever performed such miracles.  Tell me his name, I beg of you for I have never found one!  I suppose my children that I was greatly blessed in those days.  Little did I realize, when I was next in line to the Persian throne, that I would become a humble peasant, serving the Master.  I willingly gave up all that I owned so I might become that humble servant.

Now Christmas is here my children and the angels are still singing, still declaring, “Peace on earth, good will towards all men”.  Who will listen?  Who will listen to the greatest gift that God could give to man?  They have not done so, so far.  We still find darkness in the minds of men.  We still find him pursuing his own personal enjoyment and pleasure, not knowing what it might bring to him.  Whatever misery it can cause him here, I tell you greater misery lies ahead when he makes the change called death.

You who sit here, do you hear my words and believe them?  Or do you hear them, but tomorrow they are gone?   Are they lost in the ethers because they have not found a resting place in your hearts?  You, to whom I have said, the Lord knows of you!  Have I not told you, ten thousand might fall at your right side and ten thousand at your left, but it shall not come unto you?  You are those to whom I have said that I have come from the Master’s side and he gives me permission to bless you all with His love and says that He loves you so deeply.  You are these my children.  You, who I have laboured with for so long and so well.  Do you hear my words when I tell you or do you secretly perform the will of Satan?  Do you?  Only you, me and Him who is my Master know, but we shall keep your secret, we shall not reveal you.

It has been said that this Jesus will come again.  For when Jesus went into Heaven and left his disciples gazing upwards, two angels said, “Ye men of Galilee why stand you here, gazing into Heaven after this Jesus?  Know ye not that he will return again in the same manner as he went?”  Those in olden times were told, “A virgin shall give birth to a son and his name shall be Emmanuel” and that came to pass.  I see no reason why this should not come to pass, as well.   Perhaps that time shall not be too far away.  You my children might witness that coming and be able to judge for yourselves, when you stand in his presence, whether I did you an injustice when I told you of the strong men who fell to their knees by his love.  You will be able to judge and it is my prayer to the Holy Father that it shall not be your shame that brings you to your knees, but the joy of standing in his presence.

The greatest gift you can give to anyone for Christmas is your love.  Wrap it up in that special paper called love and send it to God asking that He may bless them.  If it is your will, you will feel the presence of Christ in your homes, but remember it has to be your will.  It would be beautiful if I could think that sometime over the Christmas period you might find your feet leading you to church, not a Spiritualist church, but a Christian church; going perhaps to a candlelit service or to Christmas carols.   It does not matter what is being said you understand, but rather the presence that is there, so you might feel and sense that you were that close to the Lord Most High.

So, my little ones, although I must say farewell I want you to know I will be with you on Christmas Day.  I want you to be present of mind to feel that I am there, for you are like my chicks that I watch over.  Through all your trials and tribulations we have brought you through, perhaps not in the way that you expected, but we have brought you through and so shall it be forever more.

When I come again I shall give the teaching I intended to give today, but because it was voiced that you would prefer a Christmas address I changed it.  I hope that you found something in it that has inspired and lifted you up to receive your fair portion of the Spirit of Christmas.

Farewell and God bless you all.

This spiritual development teaching is brought to you by Aquarius Teachings.

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